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Sunday, October 24, 2010

1st Texas, Now Ohio

Earlier today I posted about a girl in Texas who went to court to keep from being forced by her parents to have an abortion (Another Proof That Choice Isn't Always Choice, It Is Coercion). A little while ago I came across a story from Ohio about a 17 year old pregnant girl in the Columbus, Ohio area who went to court to get permission to marry before turning 18. Why? As she told the judge she was afraid "she could be forced to have an abortion if she stayed at home." While the girl's mother denies it, her new father-in-law told the press that his daughter-in-law felt that she was in an unsafe environment.
Again I applaud the father of the child for not shirking his responsibilities. Or doing what a lot of other men do, coerce the woman into having an abortion. Which leads me to a 2nd Ohio story about an attempt to coerce a woman into having an abortion. In this case the story is about a man who tried to force his girlfriend to have an abortion at gunpoint. Fortunately the employee at the abortion mill did the right thing in this case & helped her to get out rather than go through with it.
The article mentions an incident from 2008 in Wisconsin where prosecutors charged a man with attempted first-degree intentional homicide of an unborn child after his pregnant girlfriend suspected he gave her a drink spiked with RU-486, a drug used to induce abortions.
& I have also posted many other stories about women being forced into abortions when the choice they wanted was to let the child live.
My question is this, why aren't the "pro-choice" people speaking up about how horrible it is that these women are being denied their right to choose to keep the child? Oh yeah, the answer is simple. They are Pro-choice only when that choice is for abortion. As I said before, look at how upset they got when Palin chose to have Trig rather than abort him because he was diagnosed with Down syndrome. Or the whole Tim Tebow & his Mom Super Bowl ad brouhaha. They don't want any choice but abortion to be made, even if it that choice is forced on a woman. & if that forced abortion helps cover up a rape or incest, well that doesn't matter either to the so called "pro-choice" side. Someone chose to have the child aborted, & that is all that matters to them.
As I am writing this post another thought crossed my mind. This involves Obama's comment about not wanting his daughters "punished with a baby". In light of the several recent stories about parents trying to force their daughters into an abortion, I have to wonder if the real person he felt would be punished would be himself, not his daughters.



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