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Friday, October 15, 2010

Attempting to Silence Those Who Protest Blasphemous Art

I have to wonder how many of these same sickos that think it is OK to send porn to school children would outraged if something mocking Mohamed was displayed. They would probably be leading the attempts to close it down rather than saying it is OK to mock a person's faith. In fact they would probably try & have it declared a hate crime to attack the Muslim faith. This is just 1 more piece of evidence that shows the double standard of the liberal left. & how they have declared open warfare on Christianity.
As an aside, I hope they catch & punish whoever destroyed the piece of art. As Fr. Garcia says, violence is not the solution.

Catholic school received obscene threats during museum protest, says pastor

Fr. Frank Garcia, the pastor of St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church in Loveland, Colo., told EWTN News on Tuesday that the parish had received anonymous obscene threats directed against children at its school earlier this month, after a deacon and members of the parish protested a piece of public art they considered blasphemous.
The offending artwork by Enrique Chagoya, a collage of pornography and religious symbols containing what observers called a sexual depiction of Jesus Christ, was unexpectedly destroyed last week. Kathleen Folden of Montana was arrested for breaking into its display case with a crowbar and tearing up the lithograph.
But the collage was a source of commotion even prior to its destruction. Fr. Frank Garcia attended and spoke at a tumultuous town hall meeting on October 5, where other participants attempted to shout him down as he described the publicly-funded art display as illegal and said he would “protect our children at all costs.”
Fr. Garcia's description of a danger to children referred to more than just the Loveland Museum's exhibit. Following up reports from other local clergy, EWTN News confirmed that anonymous callers had threatened to distribute pornography at the parish school.
“The parishioners,” the priest explained “had been demonstrating against an exhibit which was in direct violation of city ordinances regarding obscenity.” When the city council allowed the exhibit to remain as it was, Fr. Garcia said, the demonstrators opted to remain also.
“We could not remain silent,” the pastor observed.
As parishioners continued their public efforts of “prayer, penance and protest,” the church received “phone messages (stating) that pornography would be distributed to our school children during this time,” as a response to their protests against the Loveland Museum's exhibit.
The church's pastor told EWTN News that the threats had subsided, as protests ended with the museum's decision not to replace Chagoya's lithograph. Fr. Garcia said he was unsure whether “the authorities have arrested anyone thus far regarding the threats to distribute pornography to our children.”
His parishioners' goal, he said, “was to stop the hate and the violence communicated in the exhibit and withdraw the pornography and obscenity from this taxpayer-funded venue.” But he also unequivocally condemned “the subsequent destruction of part of the exhibit.”
“We do not condone this violence in any way, shape or form,” the priest stated. “We did not desire to have the exhibit removed in this manner. Violence begets violence.”


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