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Saturday, October 02, 2010

4 More 4D Ultrasounds to Save Lives In California

Birth Choice Health Clinics definitely has something to celebrate. They have a new & imprtoved weapon in their efforts to defend life & save unborn children from being murdered. As I reported in an earlier post today, ultrasounds are saving lives. That is why they have become such an important part of the Pro-life landscape & why they are hated by the abortion industry. These California ultrasounds are just the latest that the Knights of Columbus Ultrasound Program has been able to provide.
The KCs program is just 1 of several. Some, like Project Ultrasound, are national, others are just fto help a local center. But they all are important. & they deserve our support.

ORANGE COUNTY, California, September 23, 2010 ( - Four cutting-edge 4D ultrasound devices will soon help Southern California mothers at risk for abortion see the face of their unborn baby, thanks to the team effort of the Knights of Columbus, the local Catholic diocese, and a pregnancy resource center organization.
On Thursday, September 30 at 4:30 the Knights of Columbus, the Orange County Catholic Diocese and Birth Choice Health Clinics will celebrate the installation of the fourth new 4D ultrasound machine and the launch of the new Birth Choice Mobile Clinic. Kathleen Eaton, the founder and CEO of Birth Choice, Bishop Cirilo from the Orange County Diocese, and dignitaries from the Knights of Columbus will make brief presentations and participate in this historic ribbon cutting ceremony.
“In the past, we have used the 2D ultrasounds to show our clients black and white images of their babies," said Jennifer Wallace, Birth Choice Clinic Director, in a statement this week. "With the introduction of the 4D, we will be able to show these young women a life-like image of their child. The technological advancements of the 4D are so dramatic that the images obtained show an uncanny resemblance to the child after they are born."
Wallace said that the first 4D ultrasound was delivered to the Long Beach Birth Choice Clinic in June, when the group had just started fundraising to equip all six medical clinics with the new technology. "The Knights of Columbus answered the call and have generously gifted us with the funds necessary to bring Birth Choice Health Clinics to that next level," she said.
Four Knights of Columbus parish councils working together have raised more than $200,000 and purchased four new 4D ultrasound machines in support of Birth Choice Health Clinics.
"We’re more than half way to acquiring the fifth unit and don’t intend to stop as long as Birth Choice continues opening clinics," said Hank Evers, the Knights’ project chairman.
Half of the funds were raised locally by the parish councils at St. Edward the Confessor, Our Lady of Fatima, Mission Basilica and St. Timothy parishes. “For every dollar we raise at the local community level, our Supreme or headquarter council in New Haven, Connecticut will match it evenly," said Evers.
Birth Choice will use these ultrasound machines in their five licensed medical clinics and mobile clinic to enhance their level of medical services and counseling.
The Knights of Columbus Ultrasound Initiative serves as a concrete way for Knights to support the health and wellness of pregnant mothers and their babies. Launched Jan. 22, 2009, the national project has raised more than $1.8 million by local and state councils using the matching funds to purchase ultrasound equipment.
Starting as a small call-in pregnancy resource center in 1981, Birth Choice has grown into six community health clinics serving thousands of young women and men annually in Southern California, providing medical services, education and support to individuals in need of free services. Since becoming fully licensed medical clinics in 2007, Birth Choice has logged over 37,000 client visits.

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  • At 12/10/14 11:22 AM , Blogger said...

    I came here earlier today for a 3D/4D ultrasound to see my little boy. My husband's birthday is next week so I wanted to do something special since he already has everything. Upon arrival I was greeted by Jennifer who announced that she would be my technician today. The office is small and really comfy and cute. It has a TV, along with books and toys to keep little kids entertained. I filled out a short form and was on my way into the ultrasound room. The room itself was big, and had a couch that was faced towards the monitor in case you wanted to bring friends and family along. The room is dimly lit and they even play lullaby music during your session. Very cute! My session lasted for about 20 mins and we were able to get some good pictures of my little prince, despite him not wanted to cooporate with us very much! Jennifer was very patient and tried to get as many shots as possible. All in all, great experience today and will definitely recommend this place to all my preggo friends!
    4d ultrasound

  • At 12/10/14 6:02 PM , Blogger Al said...

    I rarely post links in comments, but after checking out this 1 I couldn't resist.

  • At 12/10/14 6:03 PM , Blogger Al said...

    I rarely post links in comments, but after checking out this 1 I couldn't resist.


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