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Saturday, October 02, 2010

Abortion & Contraception ARE Related

Pope Paul VI warned us about the dangers of contraception & the fruit it would bear in Humanae Vitae. Human Life International Founder, Fr. Paul Marx OSB, always said "contraception always leads to massive abortion". You can read an article he wrote for the Wanderer here that talks about the end result of a contraceptive mentality. It sounds a lot like where we are today. Fr. Marx wrote an article shortly before his death that took a look at how right Pope Paul VI was in Humnanae Vitae. American Life League (Birth Control: the Abortion Connection) & many other Pro-Life Groups have been saying the same thing for years. But as Family of the Americas founder Mercedes Arzu Wilson points out, way too much of the Pro-life movement is still ignoring that fact.
Yes, we must continue to fight abortion. But we cannot disconnect it from the rest of the anti-life agenda that the "culture of death" is promoting. I have mentioned the connection many times before & will continue to do so. We must face up to the connection. Why does PP promote contraception? Why do those who promote population control promote contraception & put abortion down as just another form? Why does PP attack abstinance based sex ed & demand that their version of sex ed be taught? (Check out this Iowa Right to Life Quiz about the contents of PP's sex ed for a better idea of what it contains.) As Wilson points out, PP's sex ed isn't about education, it is about indoctrination.
Ultimately all this is an attack against God's plan. It undermines God's plan for sex & marriage & in doing so totally destroys society. But even worse is the spiritual destruction done that can have eternal consequences for the victims as well as those doing the destruction. Again, I repeat that we MUST begin end & undergird our efforts by prayer. But we must get out the whole message about what the "culture of death" is doing.
Note: Here in DBQ the Pro-life movement has been battling all aspects of PP's agenda. & that includes any attempts by them to get the DBQ School Board to OK their sex ed program.
By Patrick B. Craine
October 1, 2010 ( - If the pro-life movement is to gain any headway, pro-life leaders must confront the root of the attack against the culture of life – the corruption of innocence through sex education and contraception, says Mercedes Arzu Wilson, founder and president of Family of the Americas and a pioneer in the natural family planning movement.
“We have been ignoring the root of the problem all these years,” says Wilson. “The diabolical forces don’t care how much we fight abortion, as long as you don’t touch the source that brings women to abort.”
According to Wilson, the source is the “corruption of innocence that eventually leads to the devaluation of human life, which is manifested through abortion and other sinful deeds.”
The “graphic sexuality ‘education’” taught by Planned Parenthood and its collaborators “is actually indoctrination,” she says. “We’re promoting all kinds of perversions to little children. ... If parents really saw what is being taught to their children, they would be horrified.”
These programs encourage children to experiment sexually and purport to teach them methods of “safe sex,” she explained. By handing out or encouraging the use of condoms and the pill, she said the schools encourage a mentality that expects sex without procreation. When the contraceptives fail, abortion is used as the final solution.
“As long as pornographic sex information continues being taught in public and even Catholic schools, abortion will continue,” she said.
She noted further that two out of three women who obtain abortions were using contraception when they got pregnant. “Planned Parenthood knows that it’s not going to work, so they’re ready to offer the next service, which is induced abortion,” she said.
Far more abortions occur through contraception than induced abortion, she added, noting that the pill and other contraceptive methods are designed, in part, to kill the newly-conceived embryo by preventing implantation in his or her mother’s womb. “Why is it that so little effort is made to stop the widespread use of artificial methods of birth control that cause more abortions, and have been responsible for the moral decay worldwide?” she asked.
Wilson has been teaching natural family planning since 1968, and her organization, Family of the Americas, has been teaching her Ovulation Method since it was founded in 1977. Her book on the simple method, which is based on observing cervical mucus, has been translated into 23 languages. They are active in over 100 countries, including China, where their method is being promoted by the government.
According to Wilson, pro-life approaches that focus strictly on abortion and ignore sex ed and contraception will fail because they are missing the root of the problem. “If you don’t go back to the source, you’re wasting your time,” she said. “They will be fighting abortion for the rest of their lives.”



  • At 5/10/10 8:23 AM , Blogger Batrice said...

    I completely agree about this--and it has been my approach as the new Respect Life director of our parish, in trying to reach pro-lifers. Thanks for your helpful reflections.


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