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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rockford's Biggest Shame - City in Bed With Abortionist

The more I read about what goes on at the Rockford abortion mill, the more I wonder what in the theological place of eternal damnation is going on behind the scenes with city officials, the police & the mill owner (who has all but admiting he is working for satan). They attack pro-lifers, try to run them down etc & yet they get off scott free, even when the pro-lifers have it on tape. & know the police have put the blame on the pro-lifers for the violence because they are doing what they have to to protect themselves, record the incidents.
I highly suspect that the reason the state's attorney for Winnebago Co. where Rockford is doesn't have a complaint on file is that it was never sent. On the other hand, even if it was, there might be a coverup going on there as well. No surprize if there is since the Winnebago Co. state's attorney, Joseph P. Bruscato is a Democrat. So is alderman Karen Elyea whose live-in camera licking boyfriend is the person in the missing record. (Don't have info on when she was elected alderman, but in 2008 she was on the county board & no longer is.) & so is Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan who will be honored by the Winnebago Co Dems next Wed. Yes, it could just be coincidence, but I have my doubts. Esp with how pro-abort the Democratic party.
Also, from what I can see, the local news media isn't saying much. So I suspect the average citizen has no idea how much of a scandal things have become.
Whatever the whole truth turns out to be, I suspect that I am not too far off when I say that the abortion mill owner has plenty of friends in high places who are helping him to get away with murder, assault & many other crimes as well.

Violence At Rockford's Abortion Mill

Pro-Abortion Rage And Violence Can't Stop Pro-Lifers From Helping Save A Baby .
Rockford IL, August 20, 2010 - Rockford's abortion mill pulled out all the stops in trying to block pro-lifers from helping mothers today. Wayne Webster, the owner of the abortion mill, was enraged last week when a pro-life mobile ultra-sound motor home parked in front of a small newspaper office next to the abortion mill. So this week he decided to park some of his old clunker cars in the parking spots used by the mobile ultrasound in a failed attempt to block women from receiving it's help.
Story & Video: Hope Has Arrived At Rockford's Abortion Mill:

The most serious incident this morning was when an abortion supporter was seen coming out of Wayne Webster’s house and a short time later assaulted a pro-lifer who was peacefully standing on the sidewalk.
In the video below you will see the irrational and ranting abortion supporter screaming at pro-lifers, then slam his hand so hard into a pro-lifers camera that the camera stopped working and the pro-lifer was stunned and stumbled back.
Initially the police took the incident very seriously.
Then the police were invited into the abortion mill for a private conversation with Wayne Webster. When the police officer emerged the pro-lifer was told the incident was his fault for having a video camera. When the police officer was told, "the abortion mill has a dozen video cameras and pro-lifers have a right to have at least one" nothing changed.
A few weeks ago the live in boyfriend of Rockford Alderman Karen Elyea assaulted pro-lifers by threatening them, then licking a pro-lifers camera.
Pro-lifers filed a complaint and were told by the police department that the complaint was forwarded to the Winnebago County States Attorney office.
When pro-lifer Kevin Rilott who was assaulted by the alderman's boyfriend called the States Attorney office to inquire about the case he was told they have no record of it but if they find one they will call. As of Friday August 20, 2010 the States Attorney office never called him back. Story & Video: Alderman's Boyfriend Threatens Pro-Lifers:
Jesus said, "Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them."
No matter the abuse pro-lifers have to deal with from abortion supporters or the lack of protection from the city of Rockford more and more pro-life Christians seem to be coming to the Rockford mill to pray and offer help to mothers in need.
Today, it didn't matter that the mill landlord did all he could to stop the mobile ultra-sound or that a few minutes after leaving his house (located behind the abortion mill) one of his pro-abortion supporters attacked a pro-lifer...... God's grace flowed.
Every time, including today, these abortion supporters show up at Rockford's abortion mill the number of abortions is half of what it usually is.
Through the grace of God this morning one young mother chose life. On her way out of the abortion mill parking-lot she slowed down even though the abortion supporters were screaming at her, she looked a pro-life side walk counselor right in the eye, got a huge smile on her face and said, "I chose Life."



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