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Monday, August 02, 2010

Please Pray: Kenya to Vote on Legalizing Abortion

The Pro-abortion forces have been pulling out the big guns to get this new constitution passed in Kenya. & the Obama Administration has been lobbying as well, despite the fact that US law forbids that. (See links at bottom for more.) As you will remember from a recent post I put up, Biden's actions in doing so got him censured by retired Bishop Gracida who labeled Biden a Catholic In Name Only. Bishop Gracida went on to call for canonical censure for Biden. In addition, as I also pointed out, the main stream media has ignored the violence against those peacefully demonstrating against the new constitution.
President Obama's father was from Kenya. & he still has family there. As I also have pointed out before, spreading abortion in Africa is all part of the racist goal to eliminate what is seen as an inferior race (Maafa 21). & Obama is aiding & abetting in this genocide.
Critical Days Ahead: Urgent Prayers for Kenya Needed

Dear Friends of Life,

HLI once again asks your prayers and fasting this week before the final vote in Kenya on a new constitution which would legalize abortion on demand in that previously abortion-free country. The vote will be next Wednesday, August 4th, and we will report next week on the outcome of the vote. Thanks to the efforts of Congressman Christopher Smith (R-NJ) we have now found out that the Obama Administration has spent at least $23 million in the effort to influence the outcome of another country's referendum. This type of political influence, since much of it has been given to openly pro-abortion groups, is prohibited by U.S. law.

Kindly pray for the babies of Kenya before the Blessed Sacrament this week if you are able. Even if you only remember Kenya in your private intentions at the Sunday Mass this weekend you will do a great deal to help the efforts to stop this wickedness that is knocking at Kenya's door.

Pray also to the Guardian Angel of Kenya. It is a strong tradition in angelology that countries, ethnicities and natural communities of persons (even families) have guardian angels just like individuals have. I have found that prayers to guardian angels of whole countries are powerful if enough people raise their voices in intercession for their protection. This clear and present danger merits angelic protection if ever there was a need.

If you are able to offer some sacrifice or fast from food this week for the cause of Kenya that would add a special potency to our prayer. The Lord Himself said that some demons are only driven out by "prayer and fasting," so we must trust very much in this powerful spiritual force of protection against such a demonic evil as abortion.

Where sin abounds grace abounds all the more
St. Paul said that grace actually flourishes when great sinfulness shows its ugly face. We know that one of the immediate fruits of this fight in Kenya (even before the vote) has been to shine the light of truth on the evil of abortion and to cause the reaffirmation of the basic culture of life of the Kenyan people. We pray that grace will continue to abound in this fight for the preservation of all that is sacred, not only for the Kenyan people but for the African continent which still remains largely free of abortion.

Thank you and God bless you for your charity in defending life - all around the world.

Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer
President, Human Life International

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