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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Be Careful What You Accuse Pro-lifers Of, It Just Might Come About

This is 1 of those stories that I absolutely love. A pro-abort attempts to cause trouble for a group of Pro-lifers by calling the police & telling them to expect trouble because they would be picketting the local Planned Parenthood. The problem was, the group didn't even know there was a PP in town & thus had no plans to do anything. But once they found out there was a PP clinic they went into action & held a prayer vigil in front of the clinic.
28 07 2010
Dear friends and Stand True supporters,

I am grateful to be inside after 9 straight days of camping or sleeping in the van and no real showers. The journey to Creation Festival NW was long, smelly, and tiresome; but well worth it. After setting up camp and spending an afternoon in Seattle watching fish being thrown around at Pikes Place Market, we got to work on the booth. We were excited to be setting up a booth indoors instead of under a circus tent in the mud, that was a nice change.
Creation Fest moved this year to Enumclaw, WA from the Gorge; most people were not sure how they felt about the move. I should not have been so shocked by all the opposition we faced, but it honestly was the most we have ever seen at a Christian music festival. Thank God the staff at Creation Festival is so supportive and encouraging as well as the amazing friends we have at booths like To Write Love on Her Arms, Simpson University, and Soul Dog; they helped kept our spirits up. Pastor Harry, the founder of Creation Festival came to the booth a couple of times showing people our stuff and encouraging us, he is truly a great man.
Even with the name calling, spiteful comments, and even a physical attack on one of our girls, we had some wonderful ministry and talked to thousands of people. One of the highlights of the festival for all of us was meeting Hannah from Canada and seeing God move with her as she got so excited about getting involved with Stand True. God touched her heart and we know she is going to be a mighty warrior for the babies as we build our relationship with her.
The last day of Creation Festival was amazing; I don’t think we have had a busier day at the literature and ministry side of the booth all summer. I was so thankful to see what seemed to be such an apathetic crowd to be drawn all day to the fetal models, the graphic photo books and the literature. We also met a lady that day who was so thankful to see us as she had gone through two abortions many years ago. She was happy to see us there so others might not have to experience the pain she did. She was such a joyful woman and radiated God’s love, hope, and forgiveness; it was such a blessing to meet her. She is also planning on hosting us at her home next year so we don’t have to sleep outside with no showers, Praise God!
We left Creation and drove through the night on Saturday to make it to Boise, ID the next day. The most amazing part of this drive was going over the Mt Rainier Pass and having a snowball fight at 1:00 in the morning. After a day of rest in Boise, our friend Brandi Swindell of Generation Life gave us a tour of the pregnancy resource center she runs. Brandi founded Stanton Health Care and is planning on starting a mobile unit in the next year; we will be praying for her efforts in that. Brandi then joined us for a prayer vigil at the Boise Planned Parenthood before we left town for Colorado.
We are currently in Castle Rock, Colorado getting prepared for Heaven Festival this weekend in Longmont. I was woken up this morning by a call from the Longmont Police Department asking me if we were planning a protest at the Longmont Planned Parenthood while we are in town. The great thing about this call is that we had no idea there was a Planned Parenthood in Longmont and were not planning anything – that quickly changed. We don’t have to set up at the festival until 1:00 on Friday, so we will spend the morning praying at Planned Parenthood. It seems someone called the police to warn them about us, and really warned us about Planned Parenthood instead. Praise God.
We will be leaving Colorado on Saturday night and driving to St. Louis for a meal with Lerryn Kidd and her family before driving back to Troy, OH to see my family for a few hours. We will be leaving my house a few hours after we get there for the long track to New hampshire and Soul Fest.
Please partner with us in prayer as we continue to fulfill the mission God has given us this summer. Please let us know that you are praying for us, we would also love to pray for you.



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