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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Update on the Vandalism: Here Are Some Pictures of the Damage

The other day I put up a post about the TH finally reporting on the vandalism to my place (Better Late Than Never) that I had told everyone about earlier (This Just In). Before I get to the pictures of the vandalism here is a picture of the front with the only Pro-life sign I have at my place:

You will notice there is nothing about abortion or baby killers anywhere to be seen. This sign was put out by Dubuque Co Right to Life when Planned Parenthood 1st reared its ugly head in town.
Here is a shot of the entire back wall showing all the stuff written:

Here are some close ups:

Not sure if the Fu was the start of "F**k" or meant to me shorthand for "F**K You". Either way, you clearly get the person's attitude towards me & what I am standing up for.

Now you tell me how this could merely be someone who was only reacting to the sign in front? Or why anyone would even ask this question as the TH editor did: "Wouldn't you think a bona fide anti-abortion vandal would know how to spell abortion?"? This had to be someone who intentionally targetted me because of what I am doing, esp with this blog, to get the truth out about abortion.

Again look at this picture of what was done to my place:

Pretend it is the side of a PP clinic & it says "Stop Aboration" along with all the "baby killers". Can you imagine anyone in the media even thinking let alone asking "Wouldn't you think a bona fide anti-abortion vandal would know how to spell abortion?"? (I use the term anti-abortion since the term Pro-life would be even further from their minds.) Maybe a few. But then again, those few probably wouldn't have waited for me to contact them to cover it either.

As poor as the article was, at least it finally got published. In talking to the reporter it was clear she really didn't understand what I was trying to say in explaining some of why what was written was written & really didn't have any need to. Nothing against the reporter, but it was clear that this was simply a "we better do something since he brought it up" assignment that she was given.

After the TH put up the article Wed afternoon, I got a call from a reporter @ 1 of the local TV stations. I wasn't home when she called & when I called back she told me that the higher ups had decided not to do the story.

ProLife America also put a link to the TH story in their ProLife Daily section. I am grateful to them for helping to spread the word about the attacks on us Pro-Lifers that the Main Stream Media so often ignores unless (as is my case) they are forced to. I didn't go looking for this attention, but if it means getting the message out, I'll gladly help. Esp since doing so will provide a voice for all those Pro-lifers who have been vandalized even worse that I have & the MSM have ignored.



  • At 27/6/10 10:14 PM , Blogger TH2 said...

    The impact of the offense committed against you is, with the posting of the photographs, more "impactful" (if that is a word). The vandalizing is more than what I pictured in my head when you first posted about it. Again, Al, I am very sorry that you had to experience it and my prayers remain for your safety and security.

  • At 28/6/10 12:22 AM , Blogger Al said...

    According to the Urban Dictionary Impactful is a word, although most of the use is in advertising where the word was created.

    Your comments on the pictures show the truth of the old "1000 words" saying.

  • At 28/6/10 3:53 PM , Blogger LarryD said...

    What a shame - sorry about the attack on you, Al. Like TH2 said, I'll keep you in my prayers, for safety and well-being.

    You'd think "flyover country" would be a bit more balanced in their reporting, but apparently not.

  • At 1/7/10 6:05 PM , Blogger Vir Speluncae Catholicus said...

    I'm going to do an article on Examiner concerning this. Do I have your permission to use the photos?



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