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Monday, February 15, 2010

Save A Polar Bear - Damn Your Soul

You may end up spending eternity in hell, but at least you will be comforted with the knowledge that your using a condom may have helped protect a snail darter from being killed. At least that is how the logic behind the Center for Biological Diversity's free condom program appears to me.
Their reason is the latest version of the oft discredited Malthusian catastrophe theory. “Without universal access to free birth control and engaging public education about the serious consequences of overpopulation, the global population could reach 15 billion by mid-century,” said Randy Serraglio, a conservation advocate leading the Center’s overpopulation campaign. To get their message across the packages depict 6 separate species: the polar bear, snail darter, spotted owl, American burying beetle, jaguar, & coquí guajón rock frog.
Besides the fact that this program promotes artificial birth control, it also clearly is promoting any form of sex outside of marriage as well. All in the name of protecting the environment. In adition to promoting sin, lets be blunt, they are also encouraging more polution, not less.
Why do I say that? Several reasons. 1st of all, the condoms & their wrappers are NOT biodegradible or recyclable. & lets be honest. many a condom has been found out in the woods & in parks just thrown away in the bushes after being used. Most of the people using them will be teens who care more about avoiding pregnancy than saving the environment & they will be disposed in the same way that the regular ones are as I have pointed out. I say that most will end up in the hands of unmarried teens & young adults based on where they will be distributed: "condoms will be handed out at concerts, bars, universities, spiritual groups, local events, and farmer’s markets." I can guarentee you that the "spiritual groups will be those that deny orthodox Christian teaching on sexuality & abortion. & from the list of events it is clear most will end up where I predicted.
Then there is the packaging the condoms come in. According to the website "each package contains original artwork and information on the species, facts about overpopulation and the extinction crisis, and suggestions on how the human population can be stabilized." Assuming the packaging & contents is made with recycled paper/cardboard, do they really think most of those young people who will use most of them will actually read it? Or will they just throw it in the trash or along the roadside or in the woods, etc. Throwing it out is my bet. & a fairly safe 1 at that. I work at a college & am speaking from personal experience. I won't go into the cutsie slogans. If your stomach is strong you can go to the website & read them yourself.
So here you have it, the anti-human culture of death's latest attack. Try & pretend like we care about the environment, but actually destroy people's souls by leading them into immorality that puts them on the road to hell. Don't tell me the culture of death isn't demonic, it is. Only something who's roots are in evil could come up with something this perverted that attacks the intrinsic value of the only creature made in the image & likeness of God, man.
Obviously I was being a bit sarcastic about the comfort using them would give a person burning in hell. In fact, all using them will do will result in a greater punishment for those who fail to repent before they die.


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