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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Of Course Planned Parenthood Will Hate This

They hate any law that makes them tell the truth about abortion & thus will eat into their profits. PP knows that an ultrasound will convince 80-90% of the women to say no to abortion. & while it is true much of this info is out there, unlike with other medical proceedures, abortionists don't give out the info that the others do about dangers & risks. Again, they don't want the truth to undermine their lies about how safe abortion is. (PS, whila abortion is technically a medical proceedure, I cringe at using that term. In reality it is murder operating under the guise of a medical proceedure. Real medical proceedures aim to save a life not take it.)


by Steven Ertelt Editor

Jefferson City, MO ( -- A new bill in the Missouri legislature would provide women considering an abortion information on the pain the unborn baby feels during the procedure. The bill also installs a 24 hour waiting period to allow women a chance to consider positive alternatives.
Republican Sen. Rob Mayer of Dexter is the sponsor of the legislation and he appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday to talk about his bill.
According to an AP report, Mayer told the committee the legislation would help women avoid abortions and make better choices.
But AP indicates a Planned Parenthood representative called the bill a burden and said much of the information women would receive is already available.
Under the measure, women would also get information on the medical and mental health risks associated with an abortion and they would be given a chance to see an ultrasound of the unborn child prior to the abortion.
Mayer introduced a similar bill during the last legislative session. Representative Bryan Pratt of Blue Springs had introduced the bill in the House.
Joe Ortwerth of the Missouri Family Policy Council told at the time that the two legislators were good ones to rely on for pro-life legislation.
"Senator Mayer is highly respected by his colleagues and has been an extraordinary friend of the pro-life cause," he said.
Under the proposal last year, the ultrasound offer must come 24 hours prior to the abortion and it could lower the number of abortions as statistics show as many as 80 percent or more of the women who see them in a pregnancy decide to keep their baby."They are confronted with the stark reality that what they are watching is a somebody, not a something. Women quickly form a natural emotional bond with their own offspring, and choose to give birth to the child," Ortwerth said.
Another section of the legislation from 2009 called for women to be given detailed information about agencies offering alternatives to abortion services such as pregnancy resource centers, maternity homes, and adoption agencies.
All of the information required to be provided to the woman will be included in printed materials or informational videos developed by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services. The abortion clinic must furnish these written materials or videos to the woman 24 hours prior to the abortion.
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