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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I Love the Irony

This is rich!!!! PP wants a plate to counter the "Chhose Life" plate. Fine, says the Virginia legislature, we will OK a "Respect Choice" plate. But the House took away the money PP would get from it before approving the plate & is giving it to a fund that gives women an alternative to abortion. PP knows that it couldn't get a choose abortion plate which is its real goal since that is what they use choice as a code word for. & now maybe they won't get any money either.
At the bottom is a link to an update. As it points out, the House & Senate will have to reconcile the bill, so PP may get the money yet, or it may not. & even if it does, as the update points out, while "Choose Life" plates have gone over big, "Respect Choice" plates have been a dud. Hawaii is even considering dropping it. & only 22 have sold in Pennsylvania. You know, if the US was as pro-abortion as PP & the industry claim, then there would have been a whole lot more of them on cars by now.
This just shows that PP is desperate to get any government money it can to keep going. It knows that we are propping it up & enabling PP to make its obscene profits. & without government money they would have to close down most if not all of their clinics. Not a bad idea & another good reason to take away their funding over & above the fact that PP does more to undermine women & the law & doesn't deserve it in the 1st place.

by Steven Ertelt Editor

Richmond, VA ( -- In what pro-life advocates are hailing as a brilliant legislative move, Virginia lawmakers stripped Planned Parenthood funding from its own bill to sponsor pro-abortion license plates. The plate bill now sends the proceeds from sales of the plate to a state fund that actually helps pregnant women.
Money generated from the sales of the “Trust Women, Respect Choice" license plates was intended to go to the Planned Parenthood abortion business.
When Democrat Delegate Robert Brink brought up the bill, on the House floor in preparation for today's final vote, the legislation said the Virginia League of Planned Parenthood would receive $15 of the $25 plate fee.
In an interesting turn of events, Delegate Todd Gilbert, a Republican, offered an amendment to the bill to change it so all funding would go to the Virginia Pregnant Women Support Fund -- a move that the pro-life Family Forum group describes as a devastating blow to Planned Parenthood.
The Virginia Pregnant Women Support Fund was created in 2007 to “support women and families who are facing unplanned pregnancy” and is managed by the Virginia Board of Health. The goals are far different from Planned Parenthood's abortion agenda as it provides funding for ultrasound machines, parenting programs, and other support.
Brink urged defeat of the amendment and Delegate David Englin argued that changing the recipient of the funding was unconstitutional, claiming court precedent.
But Victoria Cobb, the president of the Family Foundation, tells that is a misreading of court decisions saying Planned Parenthood should have a chance at its response to the popular Choose Life license plates.
"Court rulings have said if one viewpoint is allowed on a license plate another viewpoint must also be allowed, but it does not address the funding aspects of the license plates," Cobb explains.
Gilbert responded by saying that the Virginia Pregnant Women Support Fund was a better fit for the language of the plate.
He also pointed out how Planned Parenthood violates its own message of trusting women.
"Delegate Gilbert, citing Planned Parenthood’s opposition to pro-woman legislation including informed consent requirements that do exactly that – trust women – stated that plate funds if directed to Planned Parenthood would not be going to an organization in conformity with the plate’s message," Cobb recounted.
Delegate Gilbert’s floor amendment was accepted on a 56-43 vote and the state House is expected to vote on the bill today.
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