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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Planned Parenthood's Clinic in DBQ Flaunts Its Evil Works

The DBQ Planned Parenthood (PP) clinic held an open house on Thursday & announced its latest attempt to scare away protestors, "Pledge-A-Picket". Joe Lock, president and chief executive officer of Planned Parenthood of East Central Iowa announced the campaign at the gathering. According to Lock: ""The picketers that stand outside earn money for those women in Dubuque that can't afford contraception and basic reproductive health care."
The campaign claims that it is designed merely to raise money by getting people to pledge so much per picketer/sidewalk counselor. But the real goal is something completely different.
As Maureen Ward, chairwoman of the board of DBQ Co. Right to Life pointed out: "They were doing that nonsense 25 years ago when we were in Iowa City. It is designed to aggravate us. That's an old trick." She's absolutely right. I can remember them doing that at the Emma Goldman clinic in IC when I was down there protesting 20 yrs ago.
The idea is to get us so upset that we are helping them to make money that we will quit protesting. It is a scare tactic to try & silence us.
But something else Mr Lock said raises the question, why do they want to silence us? He told reporters: "I just want to say thanks to the picketers outside. Every day you're out there, you are helping Dubuque women and men to easily locate Planned Parenthood."
Mr. Lock, if we are helping you, shoulding you be encouraging us to picket instead of trying to silence us & stop us? Don't you want the free PR if it is helping you so much? What Mr. Lock is really doing is lying to try & spin things to look better than they really are.
The reality is, they don't want the PR we give then. Why? They know that the peaceful & prayerful picketing & sidewalk counseling doesn't bring clients in, it keeps them out by presenting them with the truth about the evil PP promotes. Thus they don't get the birth control, & when it fails, the abortions that make them money. We cost them more money than they could ever make by any pledge program.
Yes they do make a little money. According to the sign in their window our so-called 'harrasment" has made them $628 this week. (Note to KCRG-TV: That is not anywhere near the almost $700 you claim it is on your website.) That isn't that great an amount. But how much do they lose? That is a bit hard to quantify, but given that they consider an abortion to be "basic reproductive health care", we are probably costing them at least 1 abortion a week. According to PP's comrade in arms, The Guttmacher Institute: "In 2001, the average charge for a medical abortion was $487." According to PP's TeenWire: "$275 to $700" depending on where you have it. Additional additional tests, visits, or exams add to the cost. Sounds like we are costing them money, not making it for them.
Also, how to you compare the few bucks they make to the value of a life we save by showing the woman there is an alternative. That doesn't include the value of the woman & others involved (father of baby, parents of woman) being protected from Post-abortion Syndrome, etc.
What they are doing is trying to blackmail us, threaten us & scare us away with their lies & tactics. I have news for PP: IT DIDN'T STOP US THEN, IT WON'T STOP US NOW FROM DOING WHAT IS RIGHT!!!!! WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED!!!!! WE WILL NOT BE BULLIED!!!! WE WILL GET THE TRUTH OUT THERE LOVINGLY & PEACEFULLY, DOING ALL WE CAN TO SAVE AS MANY LIVES AS WE CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have 1 other question to ask based on the number of clients they have had so far. According to Deb Patterson, a nurse practitioner at the DBQ PP: "We have had 10 patients, with at least that many inquiries." That is a little over 1 person a day. (They were closed on Labor Day.) Before they opened they claimed there was a big need for their services that wasn't being met. If they need way so big, how do you explain the poor numbers? You may try & write off the visits as being due to the pickets, but only about 10 calls despite all the free publicity? The reality is there is no need for what PP offers. Based on what I & others have seen when picketing, the reaction is at least 10 to 1 in our favor. (I will admit that there are about an equal number with no reaction either way.) Sounds like you are neither needed or really welcome here. But since when has PP let the truth stand in the way of what it is doing?



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