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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Using Good to Justify Evil

Over the last few years the connections between the abortion industry, especially Planned Parenthood & the Girl Scouts have been coming out. The GSUSA has tried to distance themselves by saying "No, Girl Scouts of the USA does not have a relationship or partnership with Planned Parenthood." That is technically true. But for many local councils & through many other groups they associate with, there is that connection to Planned Parenthood. Recently 1 of their spokeswomen commended pro-abortion politician Wendy Davis & Secretary of HHS Kathleen Sibelius as women to emulate. 
There are many local Girl Scout councils that do not have any association with the abortion industry. Among those who do not is the local council here in Dubuque. But because part of their dues goes to the GSUSA as well as a licencing fee for each box of cookies does, there is still that indirect support.
That is why the recent CookieCott was organized, to make people aware of the connection as well as ensure Pro-lifers are not supporting Planned Parenthood etc through it. This is a simplifiedexplanaition. You can get the details here.
Part of the CookieCott was a tweetfest for those of us who are on Twitter to get the word out.   It was held on 6 February 2014, just before the weekend that the Girl Scouts had their cookie sales in front of grocery & other stores, etc.
I participated in it. My 1st tweet was "I'll keep saying no to Girl Scout cookies until they publicly repudiate their connection to Planned Parenthood". Well, it didn't take to long for a person^ to try & claim they had. I countered with facts, links etc, but this person either ignored (mostly) the evidence I presented, refused to answer my questions about that evidence, or out & out denied the truth.
Additionally, the person tried to use guilt on me. "Your issue is w/ GSNY*, not the girls who. . . (continued in next tweet due to space limitations) who use their cookie proceeds to help the homeless, veterans, schools, nursing homes and many othercharities. You hurt them too."
Obviously I wasn't going to fall for that ploy. So I responded with the following tweets:
"Pleae don't play this false sympathy card. The ends never justify the means if they are evil."
"There are many other groups that I support that help the homeless, hungry etc without ties to Planned Parenthood. So GS not needed."
I knew that this person wouldn't like what I said. The response was as follows:
"Shame on you for saying the needy should be helped by others because you don't like something. I'm finished with you."
Talk about an attempt to flame & demonize. I obviously hit a nerve with a fact that person didn't like because it totally undermined the justification used to continue buying GS cookies. Apparently the defending of the unborn is simply a dislike on my part, not the moral evil it really is.
Actually this person knows I am right & doesn't like the truth about how evil abortion is as well as the GSUSA connection to it. So saying it was something I don't like was an attempt to deny that truth, as well as try & paint me as the bad guy instead.
I knew that I wouldn't get a reply, but I did have to respond.
"There are plenty of other groups to support that do those same things, but doen't abet abortion like the GSUSA does."
"So cut out the self righteousness. I am not ashamed of the truth, but you seem to be willing to help murder unborn babies."
"Why are you afraid to face the facts/truth. The GSUSA is affiliated with groups that push abortion."
"That good that the GSUSA may do never absolves the evil they are associated with, you know that. I pray God opens your eyes to the truth"
These last few were sent yesterday. Of course I haven't gotten a reply. Nor do I expect to. This person knows I will not back down from speaking the truth. Please join in my prayers for an openness & acceptance of the truth by this person.
There are many good organizations out there that do not work with the abortion industry that deserve our support. The Girls Scouts is, sadly, not one of them. Fortunately, there is a good alternative, The American Heritage Girls. In fact they have even created a "Respect Life" patch for the girls to earn. So, until the GSUSA returns to its original values, the money I would spend on Girl Scout cookies will go to buying the candy bars sold by the American Heritage Girls instead.

^ The tweets are public, so I could use the person's name &/or gender. But instead I will keep it generic since it could be a man or woman saying the same thing to you someday. Hopefully this will help you see the real agenda, to justify the continued support of abortion by wrapping it in a cloak of good. As St. Paul pointed out in 2 Corinthians 11:14, Satan & hs demons can disguise themselves as an angel of light. This is exactly what is going on with the abortion industry through the GSUSA They are appearing as something good rather than the evil they are.

* The group involved in 1 of the many examples I used, not the only one. 



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