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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

2014 March for Life Rally

While I wasn't able to participate in the 2014 March for Life, I was able to watch what was going on via EWTN.
Because of the weather, many people who had hoped to attend were unable to. Still it looked like a huge crowd, much larger than the thousands the little coverage by the Main Stream Media (MSM) claims. It was definitely more like Tens of thousands. Jranne Monahan, president of March for Life said it looks like it was near last year's attendance.
Here are a couple shots of the crowd from different angles, you decide.

The pre-walk rally began shortly after Noon (EST). There was a theme focusing on adoption as the alternative to abortion. The opening prayer was given by Bishop Demetrios, auxiliary bishop of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago.

Next up was Jeanne Monahan.

She shared Papa Francesco's Tweet about the March: “I join the March for Life in Washington with my prayers. May God help us respect all life, especially the most vulnerable.” 
She went on to talk about what the real War on Women is. It is actually a War on Motherhood being pushed by those who support abortion. She pointed out that in the USA 1 child is adopted for every 64 aborted. She also said that abortion is anti-mother, anti-father, anti-family.
The next speaker was House Majority Leader, Eric Cantor.

He talked about how the unalienable right to life extends to the unborn. He said this is a moral truth that was pointed out in a document written by a fellow Virginian severl centuries ago when he said these rights were given "by our creator."
He added that we cannot allow opponants of life to weaken the moral fiber of our nation.
He was followed by Representative Chris Smith, Pro-life Caucus Chair.

Rep. Smith said that abortionists are the victim makers. On the other hand, Pro-lifers are welcoming of those victims. The victims are welcomed, embraced, loved & cherished as are all women & children.
Represntative Vicky Hartzler spoke next.

Her theme was that abortion hurts everyone. It hurts the woman. It also robs the men of the privilege of fatherhood. She called on our nation's leaders to stop upholding abortion & to start encouraging abortion. This is something she has done by example. She shared the story of how she was able to adopt.
Molly Ann Dutton spoke next.

She was there to talk about those conceived in rape. She wasn't speaking theoretically. She had been conceived as a result of a sexual assault on her birth mother. Her mother's husband demanded she get an abortion. Instead her birth mother went to Birmingham, AL where a Christian adoption agengy helped her. 22 years later Molly Ann Dutton was elected Auburn's 100th homecoming queen.
Another powerful story was shared by Nichole Peck, Regional Coordinator, Silent No More.

She talked about how she was treated by the abortion clinic. She said they took her money, they took her baby, they took her self-respect. She talked about the damage done. She had a quiet shame. She felt inadequate, unworthy of love. It wasn't until she went through a Life in the Spirit seminar that she found forgiveness. She was then able to name the baby Peter.
Another result of the abortion was infertility. But she has been able to adopt 2 babies. She also mentioned where you can read more stories like hers.
After Timothy Saccoccia of the March for Life Education & Defense Fund announced the student essay contest & poster contest winners, Giovanna Romero, Latinos Por La Vita, spoke.

She talked about how, through abortion, Latinos & African-Americans are being sytematically assaulted. We must end this genocide. She ended by saying "We will make an end to abortion!"
Dr. Donna Harrison spoke next.

She talked about how, in her practice, she saw many patients harmed by abortion. She went on to talk about how the front linesof abortion are changing to places like dorm rooms. Women are now given drugs that the go home to take. Pro-lifers need to tell the truth about those drugs, how dangerous they are & the harm they can do.
Before going on to the last 2 speakers a list of other Pro-life groups participating in the March for Life was read. It was way too long for me to share.*
The next to the last speaker was Ryan Dobson. He works with his father, Dr. James Dobson.

He shared his story of how the Dobsons adopted him. He then introduced his father, Dr. James Dobson.

Dr. Dobson shared how a couple came to him 28 years ago. The woman was suffering from abdominal pains. The doctors had done many tests & taken may x-rays. Finally the figured out she was pregnant. The couple was then told that because of all the x-rays etc, the child would probably not be healthy because of the damage done. Dr. Dobson told them to give the child life, no matter the outcome. The couple has a healthy baby girl. She is now married. The couple work in an inner city feeding & caring for the homeless. Dr. Dobson said to those listening that no matter what others say "Let your baby live!"
Dr Dobson lead the closing prayer. Then everyone went to line up for the march to the Supreme Court building.

At the Supreme Court speakers from Slent No More shared their testimonies.

As I said at the beginning the little coverage by the MSM painted it as a very small number. But they also missed the point, whether it was thousands, tens of thousands, or even near last year's number, the real story is the commitment of the Pro-lifers. No matter the weather, those who got there did their best to get there. & those that were planning to go but didn't make it only missed because the weather prevented them.
Usually there are about 10 or so pro-abortion counter protesters at the Supreme Court. The MSM tries to build it up to make it look like there are more. This year there were only 2 & according to a friend of mine, they were silently leaving when the DBQ group got there.
It is that commitment, plus the fact that we are on the right side of the battle are the reasons we must keep on fighting, even if things look dark at times. In the end we will win.

* 1 of the groups listed caught my attention, Italians for Life. Haven't found anything about them yet, but will keep looking.

Note: The pictures were screenshots of the EWTN live streaming of their coverage that I took via my tablet.


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