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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Things That Made Baby Jesus Cry in 2012

It is time for my 3rd Annual look at things that made Baby Jesus cry over the past year. Normally, I have done this on the last day of the year, but didn't get around it until today. As I thought about who to include, I couldn't help but think of the line from Casablanca where  Captain Louis Renault says "Round up the usual suspects!"

So that is exactly what I did, round them up.
I am sure that those included will be of no surprize to faithful Catholics who have been scandalized by their actions. & may I remind these dissidents, not that they care, that their scandals are a sin against the 5th Commandmant "Thou shalt not kill."
1. Obviously, this has to be the Obama administration's pushing of HHS Mandate attack on the 1st amendment protection of religious liberty. This mandate will force every Catholic institution to provide for artificial birth control coverage as a part of their insurance plans. Many of those types of artificial birth control are abortafaceants as well. In addition, this attack is on those of other faiths as well who will be forced to provide coverage for things that go against their faith (re: Hobby Lobby for example.) 
2. While we are on the subject of the Obama Administration, let us not forget all those Democrats 1st while claiming to be good Catholics in the Administration as well as the US Congress that gave their full support to the mandate, as well as Planned Parenthood & abortion. The list includes VP Joe Biden, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sibelius, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, his wife Christie Vilsack who ran for the House of Representatives for the 4th District in Iowa (Thank God she lost), Iowa Senator Tom Harkin, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi & way too many others to list.
3. This leads me to the Nuns on the Bus, especially Sr.Simone Campbell. It was bad enough that they went arround the country claiming that they knew better than Bishop Morlino as to what made up authentic application of Catholic Social teaching in Paul Ryan's budget. Bishop Morlino & other Bishops made it clear that his budget met the prudential judgment standard. They tried to make it sound like the USCCB had officially condemned it rather than making it clear that this statement was from 1 of the Bishops as head of his committee, Bishop Blaire.
She failed to point out that the statement was not a magesterial teaching. To do so would show her dissent from authentic teaching as well as that of the other LCWR gang who were involved in the Nuns on the Bus campaign. (Don't worry, more about the LCWR later.) Sr Simone made it clear in June that ObamaCare was pro-life, despite it's promoting of artificial birth control & abortion. She was 1 of the speakers at the 2012 Democratic Convention that had only pro-abortion speakers at the podium. 
4. Next up we have the Leadership Council of Women Religious (LCWR) & their defiance of the Vatican despite the proof found by the Vatican investigation that they are promoting heresy. 1 of the groups they were criticized for supporting was NETWORK. This group claims to be Catholic but supports ObamaCare, including abortion. NETWORK was a sponsor of the Nuns on the Bus. I have put up several posts about the LCWR dissent so no need to go into major detail here. Just repeat that they are blatently undermining the magesterial teachings of the Catholic Church as well as supporting New Age teachings among other things. & to top it off they lied about the process, ignoring their unwillingness to cooperate. They also criticizing the attempt by the Vatican to protect those Nuns who feared retribution becaue they spoke out about their concerns. The LCWR forgot to mention that was what the alledged secrecy was actually about.
5. As long as we are on dissident nuns let us not forget the head of the Catholic Health Association, Sr. Carol Keehan. Last June she applauded the Supreme Court upholding ObamaCare. But that was not surprizing as she supported the passage of it in the 1st place without criticism of its pro- abortion, pro-birth control sections. She took this stand in defiance of the USCCB & enabled those supporting ObamaCare to undermine the USCCB's efforts to protect the religious rights of the Church & individuals.
6. Catholics United, for telling the US Bishops to shut up rather than defending the Catholic Church's teachings from attack by the Obama Administration. They also want the Catholic Church to shut up about abortion being wrong & why it is a sin to vote for candidates that support abortion. Then, lest we forget, they feel the same way when a deacon, priest or Bishop speaks out against gay marriage.
7. National Catholic Reporter, aka the National Catholic Fishwrap, aka the Non-Catholic Reporter (Non-CR), for their innumerable articles, columns etc that attacks the Pope, the authentic teachings of the Catholic Church & promoted dissent & heresy.
8. Melinda Gates makes the list for claiming to be a good Catholic while promoting population control, artificial birth control & abortion through the Gates Foundation she heads with her husband, Bill.
9. Those Catholics who voted for Obama & other Pro-abortion Democrats in the November election.
You may have noticed how some names & groups kept popping up throughout the list. This should be no surprize as they are all working toward destroying the Church founded by Jesus Christ. In fact, if I went into more detail, I could make this look like a version of 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon called 6 degrees of Catholic dissent.  In fact, I can do it very simply by pointing out that somewhere in the past years issues of the Non-CR you will find at least 1 article about all of the things I mentioned.
1 other thing I am willing to bet, most of those on the list will do their best to make my 2013 list as well.

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