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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It Seems the Republican Elite Have a Death Wish for the Party

A few days after the November 6th election I put up a post that looked ahead to what might or might not happen. As a part of that  post I warned the Republican leadership that it wasn't the social issues that sunk Romney, it was ignoring them. I concluded by saying "The Republicans have to take an honest look at why they lost. It wasn't the embracing, it was the abandoning of the social issues, like abortion, that is a huge part of the reason they lost. & if they continue to abandon us, it will be the reason they lose in 2016 as well."
I also warned that those of us in the pro-life movement won't put up with being marginalized much longer. I pointed out the history of the Republican party & how it sprang from the rejection of those opposing slavery in the Whig party. It didn't take too long for the Whig party to die out & many of those left joined the Know Nothing Party. & we see how that lasted as well.
I said that we could be heading for a similar split that would destroy the Republican party as well.
I honestly didn't expect the party VIPs to listen to little old me who was a lone voice. But I am seeing others in the Pro-life movement speak out the same way I have.
Some of this has been in response to statements made by Sen. John McCain who lost against Obama in 2008. He said said pro-life conservatives should state their position on abortion, then “leave the issue alone.” As for elected officials, he said that they should enact no new legislation to protect the unborn. Apparewntly McCain doesn't get it, that part of why he lost was that he wasn't as strong on the Pro-life issues as he should have been. Or maybe he does, & this is his way of getting revenge for Pro-lifers saying the truth about his stands, rather than having to admit the truth, that the blame lies with him.*
One of those speaking up is Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the Susan B. Anthony List She said that McCain & others in the Republican Establishment should stop treating abortion as a political football. “We’re talking about defending vulnerable human life. If it’s not about that, it’s not about anything.”
Frank Cannon & Jeffrey Bell at NRO agree. “(T)o hold pro-life beliefs while opposing any governmental action to protect the innocent unborn is not the position of a man of honor, which throughout his long life John McCain has always been.”
They added that McCain’s advice to become “a pale social-issue copy of the Democrats” would be counterproductive. & refusing to “lift a finger on behalf of human life” would tell voters that “whenever Republicans express a principle, it’s anyone’s guess as to whether we care enough to act on it.”#
But the most interesting comment to me came from  Jennifer Mason, communications director of Personhood USA.  Looking at McCain's statements & the actions of others to silence or marginalize the Pro-life movovement in the Republican party she said “There is a Civil War brewing in the GOP, and it’s not pretty.”
I agree, we are heading for a Civil War in the party. That alone should serve as a warning to the Republican leadership that things are similar to what they were in the 1850s. (The secessionist petitions, agree or not, are another sign that this country is on the bring of a similar collapse that brought on the Civil War.^)
Mason said that McCain's comments “made me wonder: instead of dropping the abortion issue, why not drop John McCain?”
She also gave a warning similar to mine. “If McCain and his ilk are successful, we are looking at a major defection to a third party, and the ultimate death of the Republican Party.”
Yes, the Republican party is at a turning point. They can learn from their past, or become extinct like the Whigs. & those inside the beltway who thought driving us out would let them keep power, will find out that they lost everything instead.

* As a matter of full disclosure, in the 2008 campaign, I began by supporting Sam Brownback & after he switched, to Ron Paul. Both Romney & McCain were at the bottom of the list as the least desirable for me as a Pro-lifer. I held my nose in 2008 & did so again in 2012. But as I said in my post, 2016 may be a different story if another candidate in the mold of Romney/McCain is nominated. Then I porbably will look elsewhere.
# This same thing can be seen in the recent attacks on the Tea Party by the Republican establishment & the way many Rebublicans in Congress are running away from promises to not raise taxes. & not demanding definite spending cuts either.
^ I am not trying to simplify things as these petitions don't mention abortion. There aren't pro-abortion states & Pro-life states like there were pro-& anti-slavery states. But they do mention states rights, which was a huge part of why the Southern States seceeded in 1860-61. & as Ron Paul points out, there are wothwhile questions being raised. I may not agree with all of them, but they do need to be discussed.

Source: ‘There is a Civil War brewing in the GOP’ over abortion: Pro-life leader


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