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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

40 Days for Life in DBQ - 1 Week Down Already

Yesterday saw the end of the 1st week of the DBQ 40 Days for Life prayer vigil in front of the DBQ Planned Parenthood site. IMHO, it has started off well.
Naturally, there have been a few small problems, there always are, but nothing worth mentioning.
When we held the rally on the 23rd, there were still plenty of times not yet filled for the 1st week. But not only have they been filled, there have been many times when people have just shown up who weren't scheduled to join in with those who had. For a few people, they have been the lone witness, at other times there have been 10 or more people there praying.
Every Monday, the Spires of Faith cluster of Catholic Churches in Western DBQ & Eastern Deleware Counties have committed to filling the entire day.
Fr. Michael Podhajsky has signed up for every Tuesday (except 9 Oct) at 9 am & invited the members of his 2 parishes, St. Joseph Catholic Church, Key West & Holy Family Catholic Church, New Melleray,  to join him.
Also, whole families have committed to at least one hour a week. Many of these families include very young children, & have large families, so it will be a powerful witness to life when they are there praying.
This is only a part of the story. As I hear more reports, I will share what God is doing through those participating.
The 1st time I was out there was on Wedndesday, 26 September at noon. There were several other people with me. This lady with her arm in a sling came down towards us from the Planned Parenthood parking lot. She was speaking very loudly. I say that because I was down at the far end of the sidewalk toward the back of the above picture & she was down towards this side of the sidewalk. She was trying to defend Planned Parenthood by listing all the good she claims it did. Sarah, 1 of our long time pro-life activists spoke with her. I couldn't hear what she said, because she spoke softly in response & didn't raise her voice at all. As I found out later, she just let the lady do most of the talking. All the while, the rest of us kept praying. I pray that our peaceful response will touch that woman's heart & she will realize the truth. Especially about the harm she was doing to her daughter that she had brought to the Planned Parenthood for reasons we didn't find out.
I have been out several more times since. Because I am on the team for the DBQ campaign, I watch for where there is still a need a couple days out, ie: no one yet signed up. & if it is a time I am free, I will sign up to ensure 1 person is there. With one exception, at least one other person later signed up, or showed up, or both. & yes, I have gone out in addition to those times I signed up for.
Praying can be really hard work at times & take a lot out of you, as you can see by this picture below:

According to Jan, she wasn't sleeping when this picture was taken.  I have known Jan for years & know how active she has been in the Pro-life movement, especially when it comes to prayer. So. it is possible that, with the sun, she could have just had her eyes shut.
Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood has decided to mock us by expanding their hours by being open 5 hours on Thursdays throughout October. But from what I have seen or heard, the amount of traffic hasn't increased. So all the expanded hours probably means is just more expense. I suspect this is an attempt to mock from the fact that the expanded hours are posted as being only for October. This follows on their switching 1 of their days being openned for September. It reminds me of when they 1st opened 4 years ago. They kept switching hours, claiming it was to better serve the needs of their clients. Eventually they cut back to 17 hours, never admitting the need wasn't there then any more than it is now.
I wish I could report on whether any lives have been saved. There haven't been any reports, yet. I emphasis yet because we are also not aware of how many, if any, telemed abortions have taken place.
I am sure that before we are through, there will be reports of lives saved & hearts changed about abortion. &, God willing, Planned Parenthood in DBQ will have permanantly closed its doors so that abortions will no longer be offered here.
Again, I ask for your prayers for the success of our local campaign. & challenge you to get involved in your local campaign if you aren't already.

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