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Friday, March 30, 2012

Obama - Planned Parenthood Owns Him, Body & Soul

If anyone still doubts that Planned Parenthood owns Obama as well as Sibelius & others in his administration then this video Obama made for Planned Parenthood should put those doubts to rest:

Obama parrots every Planned Parenthood lie out there, including the discredited claim that they provide mammograms.
What amazes me is how he could say the following with a straight face: “For you and for most Americans, protecting women’s health is a mission that stands above politics. Yet in the past year you’ve had politicians who want to deny millions of women the care they rely on, and inject themselves into decisions that are best made between a woman and her doctor.”
On 2nd thought, maybe it isn't so amazing. When you have sold your soul to the Father of Lies & 1 of his prime organizations on Earth, then lying with a straight face comes easy.
1st of all, he knows full well that it is his administration & his fellow Dems in Congress who have put politics above women's health. & the fact that he is doing this ad for PP's PAC is more proof of that.
2ndly, he knows full well that most women who go to PP have NO relationship with any of the medical personnel. The see the abortionist right before the abortion. & if it is a telemed abortion they don't even do that as the doctor is somewhere else & only sees the faxed info sent to him or her.
Abortion is the only medical proceedure he seems to be worried about protecting from the government making decisions about. ObamaCare is rife with them, especially when rationing will inevitably set in.
With the changes in effect already he has alreay injected the government. The changes in Flex Spending that cut back how much a person can put in as well as taking away certain things that were previously covered is just 1 example.
As for the praising PP for providing contraception, we see why Obama is willing to shred the 1st Amendment. It is payback to Planned Parenthood by openning more sources of money for them at the expense of the Constitution. I am sure that PP also is pushing Obama to do it to get back at the Catholic Church & other Pro-life Christians.
Obama also has to know how many investigations into criminal actions, especially on the federal level, Planned Parenthood is facing. What I can see happenning after the election, should he win re-election, is Obama issuing a preemptive pardon a la that given by Ford to Nixon. & all the while claiming they have done nothing wrong. He will likely claim he did it to protect them from unjust persecution. I can see him doing it, even if he loses.
Obama also brags about facing down GOP leader John Boehner.By caving, Boehner gave Obama everything he wanted. He should have had the courage to stand up & do the right thing instead of the politically expedient. & not only that, taken on the main stream media for what it is, the American version of Stalinist Pravda, Obama would be having to sing a different tune right now. 
This is a reminder of why we need to do more than simply elect people who claim to be Pro-life & then don't follow through. We must work for those who will fight for the unborn & all threatened by the demonic "culture of death" agenda that is the Obama agenda.
This is also why our prayer efforts MUST continue unabated. Are we willing to lay down our lives for God as the early Christians did? We could very well face persecution as Cardinal Burke said a few months ago. In the end, it was the blood of those martyrs that put an end to the Roman Empire's evil. & it may just take that to put an end to the current reign of evil.

For more: Obama endorses Planned Parenthood: ‘you’ll never stop fighting for choice and neither will I’
Obama Praises Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz in New Video

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