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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Lying About Gingrich Is Getting Worse

Earlier this week I put up 2 posts (here & here) about the attacks on Newt Gingrich's Pro-life record & how much of what was being said was innacurate. Well, it has since gotten worse. Now someone is putting out fliers & claiming that they were put out by  Iowans for Life. There is 1 problem with that claim. Iowans for LIFE had nothing to do with them (Fliers Claiming Newt Not Pro-Life Falsely Use Group’s Name) But since they are lying about Gingrich's record, it should be no surprize that they are lying about where they came from as well.
 Maggie DeWitte, the executive director of the Iowans for LIFE said the following in an e-mail that I received on Thursday: “Iowans for LIFE had no involvement in producing or having these flyers distributed. If the party or parties responsible for putting this information together intended association with Iowans for LIFE in conveying their message, they have done so fraudulently in an apparent reckless effort to cut down a presidential candidate.
Iowans for LIFE is not responsible for producing this material or placing it on vehicles at the event at Hoyt Sherman Theater in Des Moines.”
She added: “Iowans for LIFE is the oldest pro-life organization in the state, beginning in 1972. IFL has a long history of providing education on the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death. Our education is fact-based and we do not attack the character of anyone. While we feel that all the candidates that attended this event are solidly pro-life, Iowans for LIFE is not endorsing any presidential candidate. Iowans for LIFE condemns any actions taken in our name without permission and for the purpose of disparagement of any individual as reprehensible and intolerable.”
I can't say I am surprized by this. It seems like it is open season on Gingrich. & mudslinging is in fashion for doing it. OK, I will admit Gingrich's record isn't perfect, but it is clearly documentable that it is no where near as bad as those RoboCalls or this flier paint it. As a reminder, I am supporting Ron Paul. But I also am concerned about the damage whoever is behind this is doing to the Pro-Life movement.
The original LifeNews article had a link to the story source. In the comments section someone who calls himself "Real_Republican" (RD) is throwing the mud not only at Gingrich, but at any & everyoneone who tried to get the real record out there. Steve Ertelt of Life News put the following comment with a link to the article: "Never mind that Gingrich had a pro-life record in Congress, voting pro-life 98% of the time." RD's response started out like this: "You can't cover Gingrich's tracks Ertelt. Your phony "98% pro-life record" doesn't wash. It is more than the voting record that counts, and Gingrich worked overtime to make sure pro-life legislation didn't get passed or was watered down:" & then he goes on to give an example from 92.
So I decided to point out how we need to give Gingrich the benefit of the doubt about his conversion etc. & I came under fire. I won't go into all the details of the vitreolic attacks on me. I will just share the following: "Clearly, your agenda is the same as his, and you are just trying to cover up Gingrich's past because you yourself have no conscience when it comes to the murder of the innocent in the womb."
Never mind that I have made it totally clear I am not a Gingrich supporter & talked a bit about my Pro-Life stands, that I am not kowtowing to his positon gives him the right to slander & libel me & accuse me of being Pro-abort. Anyone who regularly reads this blog, & a lot of people in the Pro-life movement, locally as well as a few nationally, know how strongly Pro-Life I am. To state that I have no conscience is an out & out lie, slanderous, libelous & an attempt to ruin my good name with those who might read his comments. God have mercy on him.
Now I am not saying this to get sympathy. But why is this person throwing all this vitreol & mud & claiming that he is right & anyone who disagrees with him is NOT Pro-Life or a real Republican? & why did someone come out with these fliers claiming Iowans for LIFE put them out when they clearly didn't? In both cases there is 1 huge thing in common, the anonymity of the real source. Who is doing it? Why is he out to destroy Gingrich at all costs, even if it means lying about his record? Is this a personal vendetta? & why is this person (these persons) willing to destroy the reputation of anyone who is truly Pro-life to do it?
Is this someone who is supporting another candidate but doesn't want that fact out because of the backlash? Is it someone who is really pro-abort & is trying to sabotage the Pro-Life movement? Is there some other reason? I have no idea. What I do know is that we have to be sure that the person or persons behind this do NOT suceed in doing damage to the Pro-Life movement. There are plenty good Pro-life candidates running for the Republican nomination. None of them are perfect, but all of them are better than Obama. & we can't let people like those behind the attacks derail us from our real goal, to end abortion & save the lives of millions of unborn children.


  • At 18/12/11 9:52 AM , Blogger TH2 said...

    "Is it someone who is really pro-abort & is trying to sabotage the Pro-Life movement?" - that one seems most likely, from my vantage point.

    Sorry you're getting all those false accusations.


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