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Saturday, August 20, 2011

This Just in From Madrid

At the end of the Mass for Seminarians at World Youth Day 2011, Papa Benedetto announced that he will soon declare San Juan de Ávila (St. John of Avila) as the 34th Doctor of the Catholic Church. He was born on 6 January 1500 @ Almodóvar del Campo. He died on – 10 May 1569 @ Montilla, Spain. He was a Spanish apostolic preacher, author & mystic. He was declared Venerable by Pope Clement XIII on 8 February 1799 & beatified by Pope Leo XIII on 12 November 1893. He was declared a saint on 31 May 1970 by Pope Paul VI.
He was the spiritual director of Ss Teresa of Avila, Francis Borgia, John of God, John of the Cross, Peter of Alcántara, & Venerable Louis of Granada. He will join 2 of them, St. Teresa of Avila & St. John of the Cross, in that exclusive group.
Quotes from his writings"
"Turn yourself round like a piece of clay and say to the Lord: I am clay, and you, Lord, the potter. Make of me what you will."
"Withdraw your heart from the world before God takes your body from it."
"Your life consists in drawing nearer to God. To do this you must endeavor to detach yourself from visible things and remember that in a short time they will be taken from you."
"Dear brothers and sisters,
I pray God may open your eyes and let you see what hidden treasures he bestows on us in the trials from which the world thinks only to flee. Shame turns into honor when we seek God’s glory. Present affliction become the source of heavenly glory. To those who suffer wounds in fighting his battles God opens his arms in loving, tender friendship. That is why he (Christ) tells us that if we want to join him, we shall travel the way he took. It is surely not right that the Son of God should go his way on the path of shame while the sons of men walk the way of worldly honor: 'The disciple is not above his teacher, nor the servant greater than his master.'
” - from a letter by Saint John of Avila

Note: While Papa Benedetto is at it, might I add a couple others who I think should be added to that list.
I would suggest Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort because of his writings on mary & the Rosary. According to Wikipedia he is under consideration.
Another saint I would suggest he consider is St. Faustina because of what she wrote on Divine Mercy.
I have also heard it suggested that St. John Bosco be named a Doctor as well.
Should he ever become a saint Blessed John Duns Scotus OFM should be considered. His writing defending the Immaculate Conception was used in Pope Pius IX's declaration of the dogma of the Immaculate Conception.
I am also sure that someday Blessed John Paul II will be declared a Doctor, especially because of his Theology of the Body as well as his writings on the "Culture of Life".
Another one that I would love to see declared a Doctor after he is declared a saint is Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen.


  • At 20/8/11 6:41 PM , Blogger TH2 said...

    Isn't Scotus already a Doctor of the Church, the Subtle Doctor (Doctor Subtilis)?

  • At 21/8/11 12:19 AM , Blogger Al said...

    TH2, true, that is his nickname. But he is not 1 of the official 33. To be declared by the Pope as a Doctor of the Church a person has to be declared a saint 1st. He was just officially declared Blessed (cultus confirmed) by John Paul II in the early 90s. But once he is canonized, I am sure he will be added to the official list.


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