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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

How Many Botched Abortions Is Too Many?

Apparently, up to the recent investigation by Operation Rescue & Project Defending Life the answer in Albuquerque NM is that there is no such thing as too many before someone steps in to investigate.
In mid July Operation Rescue released the recordings of five 911 calls over a recent 15-month period from Southwestern Women’s Options, (SWO) an abortion clinic in Albuquerque. Yesterday they released 8 more recordings, 6 more from SWO & the others from UNM Center for Reproductive Health, an abortion clinic that acts as an abortion training ground for the University of New Mexico.
As a result of the July release the New Mexico Board of Physicians is investigating 3 physicians. Under investigation are Shelley Sella a& Susan Robinson, late-term abortionists. They formerly worked for the nation’s largest late-term abortion clinic in Wichita KS prior to its closure in 2009. Also under investigation is Texas abortionist Curtis Boyd, who owns SWO where the 911 calls originated.
The latest were placed between November, 2008 & December, 2009. That comes to an average of 1 every 10 weeks. While that may not seem like many to some, how many other hospitals would get away with that many surgeries being botched if it was some other type? My only question is why didn't anyone notice this before now? I suspect no one was looking, or wanted to. We are seeing why it is important for groups like Operation Rescue & Live Action to keep doing what they are doing.
Interestingly enough after the 1st set of recording was released UNM Center for Reproductive Health abortionist Tony Ogburn who is also a spokesperson for UNM lashed out in the news media He claimed the woman’s privacy rights have been violated. I wonder if they suspected they would be next in line since UNMCRH knew there were at least these 2 recordings waiting to get out? That having been said, he knows full well these are public records. All of the 911 recordings were obtained through a public records request by Tara Shaver of Project Defending Life (PDL), who forwarded them to Operation Rescue. There has been at least 1 news reporter who later obtained the same 911 recording through his own public records request. So, Ogburn is trying to spin using smoke & mirrors.
As OR Senior Policy Advisor Cheryl Sullenger said,“It is more likely that they are upset that we found out about this life-threatening abortion complication than they are about patient privacy.” She went on to add “There is a move by abortionists to hide behind the privacy rights of their patients to cover up their own mistakes. They don’t want anyone to know the truth about the real dangers women face during an abortion, especially in the later stages of pregnancy. Some abortionists cling to a façade of respectability, but the hard truth is that abortion does not draw America’s best and brightest. That is why abortion tragedies are all too common and all too often swept under the rug.”
Here are excerpts from the latest recording released:

You can to listen to the full recordings a well as find written transcripts & Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) transcripts here.
Here are the recording released in July:

You can read all the stories about the investigation here @ Operation Rescue's website.

As I said earlier, this is why all these investigations are so important, the truth needs to get out. & this is why the abortion industry is so up in arms about all the states that have defunded Planned Parenthood & other abortion providers. These revelations about botched operations, covering up rapes, etc have not exactly shown the industry in a good light. But it has shown them in their true light.
I am sure that this cut in funding is part of the reason for the timing of the recent HHS announcement requiring all insurance plans to cover birth control for women with not copay, to pacify their concerns. It was also a reward for their getting him elected.
Patient privacy is the big cover they are trying to use now. But I am willing to bet that as the 2012 elections get closer they will start screaming that the investigations are partisan attempts to get "anti-choice" candidates elected by maligning the industry. It will be an attempt to scare them into silence so the truth doesn't get out.
Another attepmt to silence Pro-lifers is currently playing out in the courts with the lawsuit former U.S. Rep. Steve Driehaus (D-Ohio) has filed against the Susan B. Anthony List. While it should be a no-brainer that what SBAList did is political speech protected by the 1st amendment, it isn't a surprize that an Obama appointee, Judge Thomas Black, ruled the lawsuit could go ahead. The message is don't you dare say anything against a Pro-abort candidate or you will be hauled to court where our side has the unlimited funds (thanks to government largess) & you don't. Hopefully the suit will eventually be thrown out on appeal if they should lose at this level. If the suceeds, then the 1st Amendment will have been forever gutted.



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