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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Planned Parenthood Lied to Buy, No Surprize

Yesterday I put up a post about Planned Parenthood of the Heartland's announcement they had bought a building here in DBQ so they could expand their services, likely to include telemed abortions. What was not mentioned, but I & many others suspected, is that there was more to the story. Knowing PP's track record of setting up dummy corporations to buy a building or site without people knowing it was them, (Aurora Il for example) I wondered if that might not be the case this time. Well, it turns out I was right.

DuTrac Credit Union was contacted by Hillcrest Development LLC to buy the building. According to Tom Anderson, DuTrac Senior VP of Operations, they were unaware that PPH was behind the corporation until after DuTrac completed the sale of the building Tuesday afternoon. It was then that Senior VP of marketing & business development, Jason Norton, received a call from Marsha Dorhout, PPH's director of marketing, letting DuTrac know they had bought it. She told him that PPH had set up a "straw" company to purchase the property given the "controversial nature" of some services Planned Parenthood provides.

Of course PPH's CEO, Jill June, had to add her slander of Pro-Lifers to justify it as well. she said "Planned Parenthood and our patients have been harassed by a fringe minority since the day we announced a health center in Dubuque. In order to protect our staff and our patients from this continued bullying, Planned Parenthod of the Heartland and our numerous Iowa supporters created Hillcrest, LLC so we could purchase this building and create a new health center the women and men of Dubuque deserve."

What she fails to say is that her definition of harrasment is our legal, free speech protest, presence out there. From early on PP's supports have made unprovable claims that we have harrassed them, blocked people from entering etc. If that was true then why haven't the police ever been called or charges filed? The answer is simple, she is lying & she knows it. Lying, PP's SOP (standard operating procedure) that has been documented time & time again. They have been proven to lie about rape & incest thanks to Live Action's investigations. They have been caught lying about the medical facts of childhood development in the wombe. I could go on & on.

The news has created a PR nightmare for DuTrac. June claims in another of her lies that we are a fringe minority, yet the spin that DuTrac is doing shows that the Pro-lifers are anything but a fringe group, or a minority. Norton told the DBQ TH that "DuTrac is politically neutral, but it has concerns that the building was sold to Planned Parenthood." He went on to say that PP's calling "after the fact put DuTrac in an ethical & moral quandary."

"We did our due dilligence and sold it to Hillcrest Development LLC, not Planned Parenthood. DuTrac does not have an opinion one way or the other about the actions of Planned Parenthood. We did not believe in any way Planned Parenthood would be moving into that building." He also said "It was a horrible, horrible accident." Norton also said that they cannot not rescind the purchase contract but they have yet to cash the check the received from Hillcrest Development.

Before I go on, I have to say that some years ago I took a class on PR. & part of what we dealt with was dealing with problems like this. So I am speaking with a bit of expertise. & it sounds to me like DuTrac is trying to have it both ways.

If DuTrac is politically neutral & has no opinions about PP's actions then why are they in a moral quandary. They simply sold a building to a willing buyer. & if DuTrac had no idea that Heartland Development wasn't who they claimed to be, why are they in an ethical quandary also? & why are they calling the sale a "horrible accident"?

What they are trying to do is keep from losing customers who are talking about pulling out their business as a result of the sale. Their words are aimed at appeasing the Pro-lifers without actually admitting that what PP does is wrong so that they don't upset the Pro-aborts. & I highly suspect that for some, the "due dilligence" they claim they did won't be enough. DuTrac also told the TH that "Initial inquiries by DuTrac management about who Hillcrest Development was, and a site visit by people associated with Hillcrest, yielded no clues as to Hillcrest Development's plans for the building." It sounds to me like DuTrac simply checked into whether the LLC had the money & that was enough for them to not worry who was behind it.

& while you can be sure that "telemed abortions" are definitely in the works, PPH is downplaying that possibility without actually denying it. PPH Board member Jason Lehman said in a statement that the expansion of services doesn't necessarily mean offering abortions. True, but it does't mean they won't either. Lehman went on to spout another os PP's standard claims. "Our focus has always been and will continue to be on prevention-including preventing unintended pregnancies that may lead to abortion." That statement has been disproven by former PP employees like Abby Johnson many times. In fact, Planned Parenthood Federation has required their affiliates to increase the number of abortions they do. & for those affiliates that don't, they have required them to start offering them.

Lehman went on to add "We will consider offering abortion care, based on the demand of our clients." Using the term care with abortion just shows how sick & twisted they are. Calling abortion health care when it is death care.

& you can be sure PPH will find the demand even when it isn't there. In 2008 PPH's Eastern Iowa predicesor said there was a demand for a site in Monticello. In 2010 they closed the site because the reality was there was no demand. PP spinned the closing by saying "Feedback from patients has reflected their preference in the convenience of accessing reproductive healthcare while traveling to Cedar Rapids and Dubuque for work and shopping. Both health centers are equal distances from the current... location - 35 miles." Travelling 35 miles was more convenient?

Meanwhile in 2008 when the DBQ site opened they claimed there was a huge demand. The demand was so huge they went from being open 40 hours to being open 17.

Yesterday I wondered about any zoning issues. I found out the building housed Comprehensive Rehab before DuTrac, so it is likely there won't be any zoning issues. Building permits for remodeling are another thing. They will give some clues as to what PPH plans on doing.

You can be sure that when the new site opens, the Pro-life presence will continue, whether it be open 17 hours or 40 hours there will continue to be a peaceful, prayerful presence on the sidewalk. It will be interesting to see if PP puts up some fencing & gates for the parking lot to add to the false impression that we are dangerous.


Meanwhile, I wish to end on a positive note. The Clarity Clinic has announced it will expand it's outreach to the 3 colleges in DBQ in order to provide college women in crisis pregnancy situations with alternatives to abortion.

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  • At 31/8/11 9:24 PM , Blogger Patrick Button said...

    It's like you said, "One of these things is not like the other." PP has to use dummy corporations to purchase land because unlike most businesses, they are diabolically evil.


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