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Friday, May 27, 2011

Pepsi Refuses to Cut Ties With Company Using Aborted Fetal Cells - Time for Boycott

At the end of March I shared the horror story with you about how several corporations were using a company that used aborted fetal cells to test products. (I Think I Just Lost My Appetitie ) After the news came out 1 of these corporations, Campbell's Soup, severed their ties. Unfortunately some of the others haven't. 1 of those is PepsiCo.

So now the call has gone out by a huge number of Pro-Life groups to boycott their products as well as contact Pepsi & let them know how you feel. When you write, make it clear that you know Pepsi isn't conducting the experiments themselves. But make it clear that you also do not apporve of the fact that the company they have hired to do so does use them & that you will boycott their products until they disassociate themselves with Senomyx.

There is a link below with a complete list of Pepsi products. PepsiCo's main divisions are Pepsi, Frito-Lay, Gatoraide, Tropicana & Quaker.

Most companies who do respond positively usually do so because of the negative reaction from those contacting them. That is why writing them is just as important as discontinuing the purchasing of their products. The contact info is in the story. An e-mail is OK, but a letter often has a greater effect.

NOTE: If you have any PepsiCo products at home there is no need to throw them out as they have already been purchased. All that will result is that you will be out of the money you spent on them & it doesn't hurt PepsiCo at all.

LARGO, Florida, May 26, 2011 ( – Scores of prolife groups are calling for a public boycott of food giant, PepsiCo, due to its partnership with Senomyx, a biotech company that uses aborted fetal cells in the research and development of artificial flavor enhancers.
LifeSiteNews previously reported on Senomyx’s partnership with major food corporations, most notably PepsiCo, Kraft Foods, and Nestlé.
Pro-life watchdog group, Children of God for Life (CGL), is now joined by major pro-life organizations calling upon the public to target PepsiCo in a boycott.
Pepsi is funding the research and development, and paying royalties to Senomyx, which uses HEK-293 (human embryonic kidney cells) to produce flavor enhancers for Pepsi beverages.
“Using isolated human taste receptors we created proprietary taste receptor-based assay systems that provide a biochemical or electronic readout when a flavor ingredient interacts with the receptor,” says the Senomyx website.
“What they do not tell the public is that they are using HEK 293 – human embryonic kidney cells taken from an electively aborted baby to produce those receptors,” stated Debi Vinnedge, President for CGL, the watch dog group that has been monitoring the use of aborted fetal material in medical products and cosmetics for years.
The aborted fetal cells are not in the product itself. However, “there are many options PepsiCo could be using instead of aborted fetal cells,” noted Vinnedge.
The revelation about Senomyx’s research techniques motivated Campbell Soup to sever all relations with Senomyx.
However, PepsiCo continues their business relationship despite the abortion connection. They drew pubic ire earlier this year when they responded, saying, “our collaboration with Senomyx is strictly limited to creating lower-calorie, great-tasting beverages for consumers.”
When pressed further, PepsiCo sent out a form letter response saying they had been accused of conducting aborted fetal tissue research.
Bradley Mattes, executive director of Life Issues Institute, said, “While aborted fetal cells aren’t actually in the product itself, the close relationship is enough to repulse most consumers. To our knowledge, this is the first time a food product has been publicly associated with abortion.”
The pro-life groups noted that additional companies collaborating with Senomyx will be targeted for boycott next.
The pro-life organizations are asking the public to boycott all Pepsi drink products and encourage consumers to contact Pepsi management requesting that they sever all ties with Senomyx.
For a list of Pepsi Beverages included in the boycott:
To Contact PepsiCo:
Jamie Caulfield, Sr. VP

PepsiCo, Inc.

700 Anderson Hill Road

Purchase, NY 10577

(914) 253-2000

Email form.
Pro-life groups joining CGL in the boycott to date are: Life Issues Institute, American Life League, Colorado Right to Life, American Right to Life, Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute, ALL Arizona, Central Nebraskans for Life, Pro-Life Waco, Houston Coalition for Life, Mother and Unborn Baby Fox Valley, Womankind, Billboards for Life, Movement for a Better America, Defenders of the Unborn, Focus Pregnancy Help Center, Idaho Chooses Life, EMC Frontline Pregnancy Centers of NY, Four Seasons for Life, CREDO, Life Choices, STOPP Dallas, CA Right To Life, Human Life Alliance, International Right to Life Federation, Operation Rescue, Pro-Life Nation,, and Mary’s Outreach for Women.


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