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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I Knew It Was Only A Matter of Time

Last December when I posted on the merger of Planned Parenthood of the Heartland & Planned Parenthood of East Entral Iowa I made the following comment: "This is only the latest of several mergers involving PPH. & I suspect it won't be the last. There is still 1 PP site in Iowa that is not a part of PPH, yet. Burlington-based Planned Parenthood of Southeast Iowa is still a seperate affiliate. But for how long?" Well, yesterday we got the answer. 30 June 2011.

The announcement was made on Monday. Of course they are spinning it as all about expanding health care. & not about abortions. Additionally there are the usual lies by Jill June, PPH CEO downplaying the huge role abortion plays in what they do. Probably her most egregious lie was in response to the comment below by Steve Brody. She said "You would think opponents of abortion would be the strongest supporters of Planned Parenthood as we do more to prevent abortions than any other organization.” She knows they do absolutely nothing to reduce abortions. & what they do that they say is to reduce them, promote birth control & sex ed, actually increases the likelyhood that a woman will get pregnant & return to them for an abortion.

In response to the announcement Steve Brody, executive director of DBQ Co Right to Life issued the following statement: "“Regardless of the spin that Planned Parenthood may issue, mergers are typically caused by affiliates not meeting financial goals and benchmarks. The smaller affiliates will be absorbed by the larger affiliates in order to keep facilities afloat.
“Furthermore, this would indicate that Planned Parenthood is following its established pattern of phasing out affiliates that do not commit abortions and are therefore not profitable, in order to pour its resources into its lucrative abortion business. The five locations (Burlington, Ft. Madison, Keokuk, Mount Pleasant, Washington) were all abortion referral locations only.
“Planned Parenthood of the Heartland will now be in a position to engage in telemed abortions throughout the entire state of Iowa. Planned Parenthood will attempt to streamline their operations and increase revenue at the same time, by introducing abortion services and only needing a doctor in Des Moines to serve their affiliates via webcam.
“The State of Nebraska has banned late-term abortions, and is now about to join Arizona in banning telemed abortions. It is time for the Iowa legislature to stop playing politics and protect the women of Iowa by enacting meaningful legislation to prevent our state from becoming the abortion capital of the Midwest."

Steve is absolutely right. This is about expanding abortion in Iowa, especially telemed abortions. June talks about how this will, like last year's merger help PP to take "advantage of the economies of scale." That statment is probably about as close to the truth as she will get. That is because the more sites open to provide telemed abortions with only 1 doctor, the more profit that PP will make from murdering babies.

God have mercy on Iowa. Please pray. As I have said before, we are fast becoming the abortion capital of the midwest. & that is something this Iowa boy does NOT want to see happen. & by the grace of God I can guarentee you we will fight it to keep it from happenning using every political & spiritual weapon we can, especially that of prayer.

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