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Friday, March 25, 2011

New York City Crisis Pregnancy Center Vandalized

On Wednesday, the main office in the South Bronx of the Expectant Mother Care-EMC FrontLine Pregnancy Centers was broken into & literally left in shambles. According to Chris Slattery, founder & president of EMC “Our main office in the South Bronx was burglarized again. This is the second time this has happened in the past 12 months. They broke into our facility through the second story window, stole over $5,000 worth of equipment, and virtually destroyed the office.”
He went on to say “The rampage of these heartless criminals shattered windows, stole all of our audio visual equipment, destroyed displays and supplies, tore up the ceiling, doors, and floor. They even broke into our supply closet and stole our Pampers.
The staff in our Bronx office is heartbroken, but they have all pulled together to put together the pieces and try to reopen the office. Each day we are closed puts innocent babies in the wombs of their mothers at risk. We desperately need your help
Slattery thinks that in all likelihood the crime was perpetrated by drug addicts seeking some quick cash. Given that, as he said “We’re in a warzone. We’re in the South Bronx,” he could very well be right, Jill Stanek suggests another possiblility. She asks "With Slattery and EMC at the center of the opposition against NYC’s recently passed hostile law forcing pccs to post signage that they do not commit abortions, my first thought was the vandals were hostile pro-aborts. Would run-of-the-mill ne’er do wells go so far as to tear up the floors?
I think not. Seems to me someone(s) wanted to render EMC South Bronx inoperable."
That does strike me as a valid possibility. From where I stand the damage goes far beyond what those looking for things to take for drug money would do. Given that they are leading the fight to overturn the unfair new ordinance in New York City that targets CPCs this could have a bit of a vengance motive. Or at the least, an attempt to temporarily stop them. As Slattery pointed out, their being closed puts innocent babies at risk, especially since the vandalized site is just accross from a Planned Parenthood abortion mill.
But without further proof I will rely on Chris Slattery's evaluation.
& despite the damage as well as a lack of electricity & heat for half the day due to construction going on they were still able to open & counsel 1 woman.
The thing now is for them to get repairs done as soon as possible & replace the stolen equipment etc. & that will take money. So they could use any donations they can get to ease the burden.
To make a donation, click here.

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Vandals destroy Bronx pregnancy care center; “They even stole our Pampers.”

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