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Monday, October 18, 2010

I Suspect the Irony is Wasted on the Pro-Aborts

Most teens have said this line at some time or other when they knew they did something that would get their parents super upset. But usually, na matter how mad they are, the parents don't actually kill their child.
However, when it comes to abortion that is literally what happens. When the mother has an abortion she is having that child killed. Sometimes it is the father or a grandparent that coerces the mother into having an abortion. But the end result is the same. The child IS killed.
Yes, often a teen is afraid of what her parentsd will say when she gets pregnant. But aborted the baby is never the solution. That is why Crisis Pregnancy Centers are so important, they provide the teen with a safe place to go to get answers that are life afirming, not life destroying.
CPCs can't guarentee that the teen's parents will accept the situation. But they can help the girl to resist any pressure those parents may put on her to have an abortion. & whether that girl decides to raise the child herself or put it up for adoption, that child will know that his or her biological mother did love her.

My Mother Is Going To Kill Me!

In Marinette, WI, a powerful pro-life message is being sent to the local community and especially to young high school students. Unlike Rockford, IL, the local media did give the billboard some attention.The billboard consists of a cartoon style drawing of a young girl who is pregnant, with a worried look and a speech bubble coming from her mouth saying: “My mom’s going to kill me.” A similar speech bubble is coming from a baby in her womb that says “My mom REALLY is going to KILL ME”

We salute Michael Ebert, president of Life Core, a pro-life organization that paid for the advert. We also salute the youth group from Resurrection Catholic Church, who designed the billboard’s powerful life-saving message.

It was interesting to watch the news cast and to hear some who were interviewed take this simple straight forward pro-life message and try to turn it into a controversial, confusing message.

For example, one misguided lady said the sign could scare a young pregnant lady and continued to imply that it could even lead a young lady to get an abortion.
Another young lady said she agreed with the message but not with in the blunt way it was portrayed. Give me a break! Here in Rockford pro-lifers displayed a picture of a beautiful baby with a truth telling message no more graphic than “abortion kills children” and it was vandalized by a city bus driver. An image of Jesus Christ was even confiscated by the police; the opposition is afraid of the truth.

Michael Ebert of Life Core defended their message saying “It’s the way teenager’s talk. If someone is out too late, they say ‘my mother’s going to kill me’. He further stated “we have the message of what the problem is, and we have the message of where the girl can go and get help. No girl should have to go through this alone and they shouldn’t have to have an abortion. “

A spokesman for the local pregnancy center had this to say: “This girl has gotten pregnant and she says ‘my mom’s going to kill me’. Bay Area Pregnancy Services provides alternatives for abortion and helps the girls who get into this situation.”

Not only does Life Core do billboards, but they also sponsor a pro-life float in the Menominee Waterfront Festival parade every year for 12 years, as well as posting several pro-life billboards in the Marinette/Menominee area every year.

We applaud the life saving efforts of Life Core and the youth group at Resurrection Church for their courageous stand for life. We encourage you to stay strong and ask our Lord for continued blessings in your efforts to save the unborn.



  • At 18/10/10 8:11 PM , Blogger Helen said...

    This is a wonderful billboard. Anything that will make the Pro-Aborts "think" is to be supported.


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