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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Apparently They Think Abortion is an Acceptable Way to End Homelessness

While there is a long way to go in cleaning up the CCHD (& why I am still not giving this year), what the Portland Docese did is a step in the right direction.
FYI, I checked on PP's website & found both do abortions. the NE Center does chemical abortions while the SE center does surgical as well as chemical abortions. So the Portland Diocese was right to not support the resource booklet. The liberal hypocricy of Street Roots is showing in their criticism of the Diocese for upholding Catholic Teaching. 1st of all, they make it sound like Street Roots are the only ones doing anything to help the homeless & that the loss of a few thousand dollars will keep anything from being done.
2ndly they have no problem with the fact that PP kills they very people they are claiming they want to help. It is pretty clear that they see abortion as a solution to homelessness. & they are using the old canard of health care as a cover for that. The fact that on their website resource page they have 31 makes it clear that they do support abortion & that it is not about health care. The fact that at least 1 more abortion provider, the Downtown Women's Center, is on their list, confirms that fact in my mind. There are plenty of other groups on that list that provide health care without also providing abortion. So why do they need PP or the Women's Center on their list unless it is because they want poor women to have abortions? & rather than admit the truth they are attacking the Catholic Church for upholding Catholic Teaching as a bit of smoke & mirrors to direct attention away from the truth.
They know that the Catholic Church is 1 of the largest organizations providing for the poor & needy, including health care. So once again, it has to be about abortion, not helping the homeless. Do they not realize that they are helping to abet Margaret Sanger's eugenics agenda? Or do they support it & won't admit it because it will blow their cover?
Another bit of proof that they are pro-abort & are using health care as a cover is the fact that they do not list a single Crisis Pregnancy Center even though there are several in the Portland area. Since the only ones opposed to them are those who support abortion, this provides additional evidence that they care more about promoting abortion than helping the homeless.
The fact that they have several resources for pet owners but no CPCs also raises questions. Again, the typical liberal animals deserve better care & more rights than the unborn attitude showing here. OK in some situations people who are poor & homelss do need help caring for pets. But don't the unborn deserve at least as much without being threatened by abortion?
I am all for helping those who truly need the help. Back in the early 80s I worked & lived in the local men's Rescue Mission. I learned there are 3 kinds of homeless. 1 group are those who are truly in need of help. Things like a job loss, alcoholism etc are why they are in the situation they are in. Then there is a 2nd group who just don't want to work or get help, just milk the system for all it is worth. Finally there are those who have chosen to roam & aren't looking for a home. they just want to work for a while & move on. the 1st group needs help, the last group will always be voluntarily homelss. That 2nd group are the type St. Paul talked about when he said if they won't work they shouldn't be given help.
I went to their blog & put the following comment up for the post: "It is clear to me thatStreet Roots idea of helping the homeless includes killing the unborn as a way to reduce their numbers. That is what you are doing when you refer women to Planned Parenthood & at least 1 other women’s health center that does abortions whether you want to admit it or not. Bravo to the Diocese of Portland for standing up for the most helpless of all, the unborn." I'll have to go back in a day or 2 & see if they leave it up & what response I get. Interestingly enough, not all the comments support them. 1 even suggested they check out Maafa 21.
As an aside, the fact that they also have a G L B T Q I page is another reason that the Portland Diocese did the right thing by stopping their giving to them.

By Peter J. Smith
WASHINGTON, D.C., September 20, 2010 ( – Street Roots, a Portland-based non-profit newspaper dedicated to serving the homeless and the poor, has expressed outrage that it is losing the support of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD), because it referred people to Planned Parenthood in the health care section of its “Street Root’ Rose City Resource” booklet.
“The message from CCHD managers at the Portland Archdiocese, although supportive of the booklet’s overall mission, was made clear in terms of funding: If Planned Parenthood remained in the booklet, CCHD, in keeping with Catholic teaching, could no longer fund Street Roots, the publisher of the Rose City Resource guide,” wrote Street Roots Managing Editor editor Joanne Zuhl in a 5,000 word report on the situation.
Apparently, the archdiocese had contacted Street Roots back in the spring over a page 25 listing for Planned Parenthood on the resource guide, which described some of the basic contraceptive services the abortion giant seeks to offer to those in poverty seeking health care.
After discussions, Street Roots decided to opt to keep the listing and reject CCHD’s grants.
However, in an editorial posted on Street Roots’ blog, they decried the move, saying that “being defunded ($5-10k annually) by the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) … is a shot to the heart.” They then accused the CCHD of harming “our entire community that is working to end homelessness.”
“Knowing the paramount importance of health care for people in poverty, particularly for young women, we have an obligation to note the tremendous resources of Planned Parenthood, and a host of other health organizations, working with people on our streets. And we’re proud to do so,” the editorial continued.
Zuhl wrote that the reason Street Roots and other anti-poverty organizations have lost funding due to being at odds with Catholic teaching was due to a coalition of “Catholic conservative groups that via the prolific capacity of the internet” have called for the defunding of such organizations and even the “radical overhaul” or “disbandment” of CCHD.
Street Roots Executive Director Israel Bayer called the Catholic reform movement a “witch hunt born out of fear and intolerance.”
CCHD has been embroiled in controversy over its funding practices since September, when the Texas-based Bellarmine Veritas Ministries (BVM) began releasing reports with evidence that numerous CCHD grantees are involved in promoting abortion, same-sex “marriage” and contraception, among other things. The movement to reform CCHD by Catholic groups gathered momentum, with other groups, such as Human Life International, and American Life League, joining in the fight. At least 10 bishops have suspended November collections for CCHD until the national organization undergoes real meaningful reform.
However, a number of diocesan CCHD branches, like the Portland Archdiocese, are taking reform to heart and keeping on eye on what causes the money of faithful Catholics is going to support.
In Chicago, reform of the CCHD office there has led the organization to focus on aiding mothers in crisis pregnancies and the centers that serve their needs. Through the efforts of Chicago CCHD director Rey Flores, one crisis pregnancy center will soon upgrade to a 4-D ultrasound machine, allowing mothers to see a highly detailed, live-action, three dimensional images of their living unborn children.
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