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Monday, September 20, 2010

An Animated Look at Christine O'Donnell's Recent Win in Deleware

A Tea Party insurgency has left rancor and discord within the GOP's big tent. Led by Sarah Palin, Tea Party candidates have scored several primary upsets against establishment candidates.

The latest victor is Christine O'Donnell. The anti-masturbation* candidate has won the Republican senate nomination in Delaware, causing strategist Karl Rove to self-immolate on national television.

The Democrats, believing the Tea Party cannot win in a general election, are predictably happy with Tea Party's primary success. But are the Democrat's underestimating the strength of this populist movement?

IMHO I am glad she won. Of course, now that she did, all the long knives are out. & that is just from the Republicans.

What really gets me is the way they are doing the Democrats dirty work for them. The person doing all the mudslinging in the video was her Republican opponant. & as I said, it has continued since by some insiders like Karl Rove (more on a comment of his later) who are not too happy that the social & fiscal conservative won. What they are failing to see is that us pro-lifers & fiscal conservatives are getting tired of all talk & no action.

I am sick & tired of the arguement that a liberal RINO is better than a liberal Democrat because then the Republicans would control the Senate. So what? So they have 51 Republicans, you know full well that Olympia Snowe or Susan Collins still won't vote to end abortion or support Pro-life legislation. So what good does majority control do? & look at what happenned when Rick Santorum supported Arlen Spector over a pro-life opponant in the name of keeping control. Spector left the party. & enough pro-lifers were disappointed enough that, when he was up for reelction, Pro-Life Santorum lost to faux Pro-life Dem Bob Casey Jr. & we see how that worked out.

Meanwhile there is Rove's petty comment about how O'Donnell needed to explain a 1999 comment about dabbling in witchcraft in HS. (TRENDING: Rove: O'Donnell must explain witchcraft comments). IMHO what he is really trying to do is sabatoge the conservative Christian vote she would otherwise get.

FOX News reports that she has responded: "Delaware Republican Senate nominee Christine O'Donnell on Sunday chalked up her experimentation in sorcery to being a teenager, saying there's no magical explanation to her 1999 confession that she "dabbled into witchcraft."
Speaking to Republican picnic-goers, the insurgent Tea Party candidate said she didn't doing anything differently than lots of kids at that age.
"I was in high school, how many of you didn't hang out with questionable folks in high school? But no, there's been no witchcraft since," she said, shrugging off her dalliances with the dark arts.
"Now let’s put that to rest and move on to what we’re going to do," she said."

I agree, it is time to put it behind. I guess I can sympathize with her because of my past. Admission time. When I was in HS I dabbled in astrology, Ouija Boards & studied up a bit on witchcraft myself. In fact, for an English assignment I wrote a paper discussing the scientific basis for astrology. In retrospect, I am not proud of what I did. & I have repented of those things. So, does that disqualify me from running for office or writing this blog? In his book on the New Age, Fr. Mitch Pacwa talks about his involvement in astorolgy among other things. He has since repented as well. does that disqualify him from hosting 2 programs on EWTN?

I recently heard someone point out (I think on EWTN) how many of the great saints of the past like St. Augustine wouldn't even be accepted by a diocese by today's standards.

The fact is, I don't think this will hurt her with the left. Given how many of them are into New Age lunacy already this wouldn't hurt at all. I doubt it will help either since her stands aren't aligned with theirs.

No, I honestly think this is an attempt by those in power in the Republican Party to keep that power in the face of the rank & file being fed up with how they are running things. Pro-lifers & fiscal conservatives are tired of so-called comprimise that has resulted only in the left getting what they want. We are tired of being told wait. Sadly rather than listen to the people, folks like Karl Rove are willing to sabatoge the party just so they can stay in control.

Well, they better face facts, they are losing power. & they are losing it because they act more like Democrats than Republicans. I have no idea of O"Donnell will definitely win in Delaware. But I think she does have a good chance at doing so. I do know that if she does it will be despite people like Karl Rove. & it will because she offers what the people want, fiscal responsibility mixed with a solid pro-life, social conservative agenda.

As an aside, if she wins, she will take over the seat on 3 November.

* Actually this part of the narration doesn't really need translating given the clever way they depict it in the video. I also like the way they get the message across that enables you to understand the whole thing without a translation.


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