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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Obama's Stimulus Package - Creating Jobs to Kill the Unborn

Yes folks, you read that right, our taxes are going to help fund Planned Parenthood so it can open a new clinic. & while it says it won't perform abortions at the site because it is using federal funds*, those protesting its opening are not buying the claim that it won't refer women to other PP sites that do provide them^. & neither am I. Especially since HHS regs require them to do so#. Bluntly, given PP's track record of coverups of rape & incest etc, it is clear that they don't care about obeying the law, just making money off of abortions.
I predict that PP will use the following modus operendi. They will talk to the women & say she needs to go to another PP better suited to handle the problem, 1 that can give them info on all th options+. & you can bet your retirement fund that that PP will always be 1 that handles abortions. They may not admit the referal is for an abortion but it will be.
Once again we see the ugly truth, Planned Parenthood is taking our tax money to help expand its reach while adding to its already huge bottom line. The Obama administration is doing its part to expand abortion despite Obama's claims to the Pope that he would reduce abortions.
I am not surprized that this is happenning. But I am outraged that this is what our government sees as a way to create jobs. & I am disgusted that they see murdering the unborn as a boon to our economy. They may deny it, but that is exactly what is going on. & despite the polls, election results etc, the Dems in Congress & Obama are still so arrogant that they refuse to see that what they are doing is NOT wanted or welcome. Either that, or they figure if they are going to go down in flames because we dare to reject what they are doing, they are going to take the rest of us with them.
Follow the link above to the Hot Air story or the link below for Jill Stanek's post with links to other stories.
*"Jesse Mermell, vice president of external relations at Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts, said because the organization plans to open the Fitchburg office with federal grant money from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, employees cannot arrange appointments for abortions for patients at other offices. They also won’t perform abortions at the Fitchburg office."
#"But Planned Parenthood is also required by Health and Human Services to provide women who test positive for pregnancy at their office with information on all options, including prenatal care and delivery, foster care, adoption and abortion."
^"Bruso said a Main Street location, just down the street from Longsjo Middle School, makes the prospect of a Planned Parenthood office in Fitchburg even less palpable. Planned Parenthood is trying to depict itself as an agency that is only planning to educate the community about sexual health, Bruso said, but he believes that's not the case.
"They don't make money by giving out literature. They make money by performing abortions," Bruso said.
" (Father Robert Bruso, of St. Anthony de Padua Church in Fitchburg)
+""(Patients) can be handed a slip with phone numbers and Web sites and what not, but they have to go on their own and take action on their own if they choose to make an appointment," Mermell said. "



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