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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Is Planned Parenthood Worse than ISIS?

South Dakota State Representative Isaac Laterell (R-Sioux Falls) recently created a firestorm when he said that Planned Parenthood was worse than ISIS because it Planned Parenthood beheads more Americans in a month than ISIS has during its entire existence. He was referring to a D&E (dilation & evacuation or extraction) abortion. Naturally Planned Parenthood has denied they do any of this type of abortion that dismember the unborn child. However South Dakota Department of Health records show something entirely different. Their website shows that a handful of D&E abortions have been performed in the state since at least 2008. Add to that that the only abortion clinic in SD is the Planned Parenthood clinic & it is clear that, as usual, Planned Parenthood is lying.
But that hasn't stopped the Pro-abortion reporters & bloggers from jumping on the PP support bandwagon & attacking Representative Laterell as a liar. (For example: herehere & here) They not only repeat the PP lie, they deny that abortion is murder in the 1st place, despite all the scientific evidence to the contrary. Don't forget, these are the same people who support Obama when he denies that ISIS is a terrorist group as well.
But is Planned Parenthood worse than ISIS? Or merely just as evil? The short answer is, Planned Parenthood is worse. Here is why I say that.
To start with I want to share a Scripture reason that is the basis for what I am about to say to prove my point. Jesus said: "Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul; fear him rather who can destroy both body and soul in hell." (Matthew 10:28 The Jerusalem Bible) This quote is taking from a section of the Gospel where Jesus is talking about the persecution & possible martyrdom His followers will face.
It is obvious that ISIS is merely destroying the body. Pope Tawadros II head of the Coptic Church recently declared that the 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians killed by ISIS in Libya were martyrs & will now be recognised as saints in the Coptic Church. Pope Francis also said they were martyrs because they had their "throats slit for the sole reason of  being Christians." (Note: this does not mean that they are officially recognized as saints by the Catholic Church.)
If all Planned Parenthood did was kill unborn babies then they would be equal, not worse, than ISIS. But what Planned Parenthood does goes far beyond what ISIS does.
Planned Parenthood openly advocates premarital sex. It encourages young people to use condoms & other forms of birth control to have "safe sex". It also supports & promotes homosexual marriage & sex acts.
Unfortunately that goes contrary to the purpose for which God intended sex. He intended it to be between a man & a woman, & only after they were married. Any other form of sex, including masturbation (something else Planned Parenthood promotes), runs contrary to God's plan. Those acts are also mortal sins. That means that if a person dies unrepentant of those sins, he or she will spend eternity in Hell. In short the end result is the destruction of both body & soul in Hell.
Additionally abortion is murder & also a mortal sin. While not every woman willingly has an abortion, many are pressured into it by a parent, the father or others & thus not fully culpable. But even so abortion does emotional & spiritual damage to those involved, & not only the woman involved. Fathers & other family members are affected as well. That is why groups like Rachel's Vineyard, Project Rachel, Fatherhood Forever & Silent No More Awareness exist. They were founded to bring God's forgiveness & healing to those harmed by abortion.
ISIS can merely harm the body. Planned Parenthood can harm both the body & soul, not only here on Earth, but ensuring eternity in hell for those who buy what they sell & die unrepentant.
Planned Parenthood is a part of the demonic "culture of death." As I pointed out, much of what they claim are lies. They serve the "father of lies," Satan. Satan's goal, as well as that of Planned Parenthood & the rest of the abortion industry who serve him, is to destroy as many souls as possible. 
Representative Latterell was right in calling Planned Parenthood worse than ISIS. He spoke the truth. But what he may not have realized is how much more there was to that truth beyond what he intended to say.



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