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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

This Is Definitely No Mitzvah!!!!!

Once again Planned Parenthood is doing its best to spread their perverse "culture of death" agenda. & mock God while doing it. In the past I have posted about various PP affiliates that sold gift certificates to give for Christmas, Back to School & other occassions. & what is especially egregious & blasphemous, the Christmas campaigns have been called "Choice on Earth".
Well, I am not surprized to see that PP of Alaska has jumped on the bandwagon. Nor that they were doing it in a way that is again mocking God.
According to a story in the Archdiocese of Anchorage paper, The Catholic Anchor on 5 December 2010: "Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest is scheduled to be one of 35 non-profit organizations that will participate in the annual Mitzvah Mall, a Dec. 5 holiday bazaar hosted by Congregation Beth Sholom, a Reform Jewish synagogue in Anchorage." For those of you unfamiliar with the term, Mitzvah is the Hebrew word for “good deed.” It also refers to the commandments of the Torah, including the commandment "Thou shalt not kill" as well as "Honor thy father and thy mother".
Talk about twisted.
By allowing PPGNW to take part, Congregation Beth Shalom has clearly drifted from their Jewish roots since authentic Judaism has always opposed abortion, something that continued on from the 1st days of the Catholic Church as well. Abortion was & is murder & against the 5th Commandment about killing. & murder can never be a good deed. It is evil, plain & simple. But again we see how the "culture of death" operates in calling evil good.
PPGNW is the same gang that opposed in the courts a previous Alaskan law that the Alaskan Supreme Court judges struck down saying that it interfered. with a teenage girl’s “fundamental right to choose” to abort her child. As a part of the ruling Chief Justice Dana Fabe said that a law requiring only parental notification would be constitutional. She is still on the court. & PPGW has gone to court to overturn the recently approved parental notification law crafted to meet that standard. So it will be interesting to see if she keeps her word.
PPGNW & two pro-abortion medical doctors are arguing that the law violates abortion-bound girls’ right to equal protection. Their reason it violates equal protection is something else. They say it does so because girls who choose to keep their babies are not required to tell their parents. They go on to say it also violates abortionists’ due process rights.
Clover Simon, vice president of PPGNW, said this about the law: “We really believe under the Alaska Constitution that minors really do have the same protection of privacy as an adult woman. And that this law, the way that it’s been written, has so many burdens on minors that it means they can’t adequately exercise that right.”
So Ms. Simon, does that privacy right extend to the girl getting a tattoo, or her ears, tongue etc pierced? & Shouldn't any aspirin she gets from a school nurse be between her & the nurse? Why does the nurse have to get parental permission for a pill when an abortionist doesn't? PPGW clearly is trying to undermine the 4th Commandment as well. Again, no way can you call that a mitzvah.
But there is more. "In an email to supporters, Planned Parenthood noted that the 'very popular season bazaar' is a place to find gifts for 'hard-to-buy-for people on your list.'” I know several times over the years, I have had a hard time deciding what to get a friend or family member for Christmas but abortion or birth control has never been on any of their wishlists.
& abortion is anything but a gift from the heart, despite what Congregation Beth Shalom claims.
PPGNW has 5 clinics in Alaska. 4 of them perform abortions, while the other does referals for abortion. According to The Catholic Answer more than 600 abortions are performed in Alaska annually.
Like I said, PP is continuing its blasphemous tradition of mocking God as we prepare to celebrate the birth of Christ. & I suspect this is only the start. More local PPs will probably follow suite.



  • At 1/12/10 4:54 PM , Blogger Michael said...

    The posting, 'This is definitely no mitzvah,' is incorrect and not only misrepresents the participation of Planned Parenthood in Beth Sholom's Mitzvah Mall...but also is totally wrong about Judaism's historical view relative to abortion. Planned Parenthood is not providing opportunities for abortions at the Mitzvah Mall. And, in fact, the Catholic Anchor article that is referenced clearly says this.
    And, whatever 'authentic' Judaism might be (would love to know the definition of that), abortions have always been permitted in various circumstances...a concept hearkening back to biblical times, 3,000 years ago.

  • At 1/12/10 5:52 PM , Blogger Al said...

    1st of all, I never said that PP was specificly pushing abortion at this fundraiser. The Catholic Anchor quotes the PP claim about no funds going for abortions. If PP is raising funds for any other part of their operation, then it frees up money for the promotion & providing of abortions that would normally be used for the other operations. As I have so often pointed out, money is fungable.

    Also, as I have long ago learned about PP, what it says it will & won't do & what it actually does are often 2 different things. PP is NOT above lying.

    Other PPs have said the gift certificates they sold weren't for abortions, but all they ever said on the actual certificate was that they certificate was good for any PP service, no restriction forbiding them to be used to pay for an abortion anywhere on them.

    Since many forms of birth control are abortifaceants, it still is indirectly pushing abortions.

    Also, by promoting themselves, PP IS providing opportunity to provide abortions. After all, when the birth control fails, they know the woman will likely come back for an abortion.

    So, yes, they are giving the gift of abortion by giving a gift from PP.

    & While abortions may have been arround, they have never been acceptable in the Jewish faith or the Catholic faith. The Catholic Church's view on abortion has its roots in the OT as well as the teachings of the Jewish faith that go back way over 3000 yrs.

  • At 1/12/10 7:34 PM , Blogger Michael said...

    Abortions have definitely been permitted within Judaism, the basis of that practice resting in the biblical text. The text is quite clear that there is a distinction between the life of a fetus and that of its mother. What it boils down to is a difference in religious belief regarding the status of the soul, within Judaism and Christianity. These two beliefs are not compatible with each other, and, actually, cannot be found in the Bible, other than through a much later re-reading (of the original language) strongly influenced by Greek culture, from which the notion of a soul entered Jewish practice.

    At the same time, the donation opportunities that Planned Parenthood is offering are not "good for any service." They are specific, and have nothing to do with abortion.

    And, the teachings of ancient Judaism only extend back about 3,000 years, the earliest passages in the Bible dating from around 1100 b.c.

  • At 2/12/10 11:59 PM , Blogger Al said...

    Apparently your love for abortion & Planned Parenthood have blinded you to what I actually wrote. If you give money to PP for something else, it frees other money to promote abortion.

    2ndly, as I pointed out, some forms of birth control. like the pill & the morning after pill that PP is providing under this fundraiser are abortifaceants.

    Then, as I also pointed out PP knows that their birth control methods will eventually fail & the pregnant woman will likely come back for an abortion.

    Finally, as I have pointed out many times, what PP claims & what it does are 2 different things. Its track record for covering up rape & incest is horrendeous.

    As for Judaism, modern orthodox Judaism only allows for abortion in order to safeguard the life of a woman & no other reason. PP promotes abortion for any & all reasons.

    Finally, even though they may not call it murder, Exodus 21:22-23 was seen as forbiding aborting an embryo whether intentionally or not.

    Any way, allowing in an organization whose founder approved of racial cleansing like what Hitler did,& whose policy they still follow, is basicly saying they approve of the holocaust. To allow PP in is to betray all 6 million Jews killed by Hitler.

    At this point, the discussion is closed for you as it is clear all you want to do is justify murder & can offer nothing more that the same retreaded approval of PP & the evil is stands for.

  • At 4/12/10 4:58 AM , Blogger Al said...

    Just a reminder since some people continue in their defense of PP being there, Planned Parenthood's reason d'etre is abortion & everything they do has the ultimate goal of promoting that.
    & Michael, no I did not bother to go past the 1st couple paragraphs because I saw where you were going & it was only proving my point. You are defending both abortion & Planned Parenthood. & I have heard that same BS time after time. That is why I cut things off. you are just hiding behind your claims that I am misrepresenting Judaism. So don't even bother to respond any more as I will simply delete any more comments from you. & like so many other pro-aborts that i have dealt with time after time, you hide your real identity behind a name that may or may not be real but doesn't require you to put yourself out there for attack like those of us in the Pro-life movement do. another bit of evidence that I am right.


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