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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Josef Mengele* Has Got to be This Company's Patron Demon

* & if he was capable of smiling in Hell, he would be doing that also as he saw how the Obama Administration is putting into practice his way of doing things.
I can't imagine any more perverted way of spending our tax dollars, the abortion industry excepted, than this.
1. Use ObamaCare "health care" tax dollars to fund this profination in the 1st place
2. Reward them with tax breaks for murdering these unborn children as well as an exclusive license to market their murder based product
The article says that the "FDA approved ACT’s application only after the company said its embryo cell technique eliminated the danger of tumor-causing cells." OK, what proof did they offer besides the claim they did? Or did the FDA just take their word? I suspect the latter is the case. Then, when the tumors show up, & they likely will, I am sure ACT will be able to find a way to avoid legal liability like they are currently trying to sidestep their moral liablity is the search for greater profits.
Do you notice that adult stem cell research isn't looking for federal funding, or tax breaks. & you know why, because they are able to find financial backing for their reseach. & why are they able to find financial backing? Simple, as I have pointed out time after time, adult stem cells work, they save lives, not take them & without the tumors & other problems. It is not hard to find backers for a proven winner that will make money.
Another fact that has been kept low key is that state money in California that was supposed to go to embryonic stem cell research has been quietly refunnelled to adult stem cell research. (So Much For the Claims About Embryonic Stem Cell Research Being Needed) Meanwhile that same California state agency is applauding the expansion of funding on the federal level. I suspect it is because they know California is about to go belly up & they won't survive without their share. Another interesting fact I discovered in looking at the CIRM website is the large number of grants that are going to California run universities. (List of CIRM funded institutions) It is almost like a shell game. The fact that the money is funnelled through 1 state agency to another means that the bureaucracy is eating up a (un)fair share of that tax money that it shouldn't be spending in the 1st place.
I am sick & tired of the evil that is being foisted on this country. We pay the abortion industry to promote the murder of our children. Then we pay other companies to bring children into existance in a way that is totally against God's designs to kill them to try & find a way to "save" lives. & then we create death panels to deny most people the right to moral health care because it isn't cost effective. Hopefully, it isn't too late to turn things arround. But if the newly elected officials don't even try, then I cannot see how much longer before we hear a voice from Heaven shouting "BASTA!" & judgment falling upon this country because we have exausted God's mercy.

BETHSADA, Maryland, November 22, 2010 ( – The US Food and Drug Administration has given the go-ahead for a company to begin clinical trials for a therapy derived from human embryonic stem cells (hESCs). The efforts of the Marlborough, Massachusetts-based Advanced Cell Technology (ACT) are being funded in part by the new national health care reform law.
The approval for ACT’s clinical trials marks the second time federal regulators have approved a therapy derived from the stem cells of destroyed human embryos for testing on human subjects.
The company announced earlier in November that the federal government awarded them nearly $1 million in grant money for their embryo-destroying research, thanks to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), also known as ObamaCare.
Each of ACT’s four programs, according to a press release, received $244,479.25: the Blastomere Program, the Myoblast Program, the RPE Program for Stargardt’s Disease, and the iPS Program.
ACT will be testing the safety of its therapy for Stargardt’s disease, juvenile macular degeneration that is estimated to effect 1 out of 10,000 youths in the United States. The disease mainly occurs in children between the ages of 10 – 20.
Vision loss occurs when the retinal layer called the retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) begins to break down.
The ACT therapy would replace degenerated RPE cells with new RPE cells produced from human embryonic stem cells. The FDA approved ACT’s application only after the company said its embryo cell technique eliminated the danger of tumor-causing cells. Past attempts at using embryo-derived cells have been plagued by the onset of tumors.
Phases I and II of the trial will involve 12 individuals over 18 years old receiving injections directly into the eyes.
“We’ve tested these cells in animal models of eye disease. In rats, we’ve seen 100 percent improvement in visual performance over untreated animals without any adverse effects,” said Dr. Robert Lanza, ACT’s Chief Scientific Officer.
“We hope to see a similar benefit in patients with various forms of macular degeneration.”
However, ACT is also poised for major profit-making from its hESC therapy. Earlier in the year, the FDA deemed that the RPE cell therapy will have “Orphan Drug” designation. This means the company will have access to tax credits, grants, and seven years of exclusive marketing of their product in a global market which the company believes to represent $25-30 billion dollars.
The only other company with approval for hESC trials in human beings is the California-based Geron Corp., which is conducting safety tests in patients with spinal cord injuries less than 14 days old.
Critics of embryonic stem cell research have pointed out that, aside from destroying human lives at a very early stage of development, so far it has yielded little therapeutic benefit and has struggled to overcome the tendency for such cells to produce tumors. Embryonic stem cell research has been massively outstripped by breakthroughs in adult stem cell research, which has yielded dozens of therapies and benefits for previously untreatable conditions.

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  • At 23/11/10 10:30 AM , Blogger Patrick Button said...

    Embryonic stem cell murder is even made even more tragic by the fact that it is completely unnecessary. Scientists are well on their way to creating entire organs using the proteins in adult skin cells. The Mengalites and their governmental patrons care more about killing babies than curing disease.


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