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Sunday, September 26, 2010

This Is One Time Being #1 Is Not Something To Be Proud Of

Rockford's Pro-Life community is reporting that their community has earned a dubious honor. Rockford has been named by a national Christian Newspaper as the home of the “Nation’s most infamous abortion clinic”. (Rockford You’re Number One) As anyone who regular reads my posts on them, you will know that they are talking about the Northern Illinois Women's Center. The NIWC has rightly been called the "Gates of Hell". The owner, operator Wayne Webster has pretty much admitted that he has sold his soul to Satan. (Click on label below for details as well as the other horendously evil & sick activities that go on there as well as some of the stories of how Pro-Lifers are battling this evil.)
As I point out in the posts it is much more than just those who kill children at NIWC have helped Rockford to earn this title. Many City Officials are in bed with this abomination.
The Rockford Pro-Life Community has put out the following open letter to make people aware of what is going on in their community. I am sure those in the city government who are in league with the NIWC don't want the truth about what is going on to come to light. But then evil always prefers darkness to light, so that should be no surprize. But Jesus did say that those things done in the darkness would come to light. & they would have to be answered for at the Last Judgment.
So we must continue to pray for those in Rockford involved in this battle. In the end, the Pro-life side will win. Jesus promised that we could storm & take down the gates of Hell. & this place is definitely 1 of those gates. In the mean time, keep praying for those who work & operate the NIWC so that God will touch their hearts & convert them leading them out of the kingdom of darkness & "culture of death" & into God's Kingdom of Light & Life.

An Open Letter To The City Of Rockford

On behalf of the out of state abortionist who owns Rockford's abortion clinic, a thank you should be given to the city of Rockford for the effective ways they have kept the mobile ultra-sound motor-home out of Rockford.

On behalf of those who operate and work in the Rockford abortion clinic that mocks God and has had signs in its windows celebrating the deaths of children as a victory over Jesus Christ, a "job well done" to the city of Rockford is in order.

On behalf of the people who attempted to offer free help to mothers in need in Rockford and the many children whose lives may have been saved by their mothers' seeing a free ultrasound we simply ask, " Why?"

Bishop Thomas G. Doran wrote in a recent column "In our devolving and decaying morally relativistic society, there are many people who regard the killing of a pre-born child as of no consequence whatever." Nowhere in America is that more evident than in Rockford IL.

Wayne Webster, landlord of the Northern Illinois Women's Center,
in consultation with the police on September 24, 2010

In a chain of events that began over a month ago, it seems as if those in power in the city of Rockford have used every legal maneuver at their disposal to thwart any effort to help mothers in need.

This sad story began after pro-lifers seemingly had the approval of the city to bring the ultrasound to Rockford. But behind the scenes as pro-lifers were working in openness and goodwill, a letter was drafted by Chief of Police Chet Epperson. This letter was written while pro-lifers were still in contact with the police on an almost daily basis, gaining approval for the ultrasound. This is the letter (please note the date).

As you can see in many ways, it is a reasonable letter, informing pro-lifers that a problem exists, and it includes a way to solve the problem.

Three weeks after this letter was written, the mobile ultrasound was ordered to stop any activity in Rockford. All that was given the ultrasound technician was a city ordinance accusing the ultrasound motor-home of soliciting business. As far as we know, the letter was not given to any pro-lifer.

Then the wall of silence came.

Pro-lifers tried to contact the police on this issue. They were clueless. They tried to contact the city legal department on this issue, and pro-lifers were told they can only contact them "through your lawyers." We pro-lifers have a free civil rights law firm helping us in other matters, but they have nothing to do with the free ultrasound.

So pro-lifers spent the following days and weeks trying to resolve the issue with no results. We had no idea how to proceed because we were never given the letter from the police chief that explained how the situation might be resolved.

Signs in abortion clinic window showing support for the actions of
city attorney Patrick Hayes.

Then an ugly story gets even worse.

The letter from the police chief that was never given to pro-lifers was given to a local newspaper in what many feel was purely a propaganda move.

Two local pro-life leaders then began an inquiry with the police department as to the validity of the letter. Almost immediately, an order came down from the city legal department that the Rockford police are not to communicate with these two representatives of the pro-life community on these issues.

Our questions were met with silence.

Because of these effective delaying tactics by the city of Rockford, more valuable time was lost in trying to resolve the problem. Local pro-lifers wrongly assumed that this letter dated August 20, 2010 from the police chief that is directed to the operators of the mobile ultrasound was given to them long before and that they were working with the city to solve the problem following the directions of the letter.

As it turns out, this letter was never given to anyone associated with the mobile ultrasound unit. So a month after the letter was written, a week after it was given to the press, it had still not been given to pro-lifers.

This has been a sad and sordid story of pro-lifers openly and in goodwill communicating with the city of Rockford in an attempt to help mothers in need and the Machiavellian ways the city has delayed, hidden, and obscured any chance we ever had of resolving this situation in a timely way.

After these many weeks of the mobile ultrasound's being banned from Rockford, our fundraising is as dead as any child it the missing ultra-sound did not have the chance to help. From clubs and organizations who had to cancel fundraisers to individual donations that have completely stopped, the city of Rockford working with the Rockford abortion mill has probably killed this life-saving effort.

We would just like to know why?



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