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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Our Federal Tax Dollars At Work Undermining Morality

As I kid I always remembered those ads for free government publications that ran on TV. To get them you had to write to an address in Pueblo, CO. Every so often when I see the latest catalog available at the Public Library I pick 1 up to see what agenda the Federal Government os pushing using our money. & yes, I do mean agenda. there are some good books from various government agencies but many of the items offered for free (or at a small cost*) by the Federal Citizen Information Center do push a specific agenda.
Imagine my disgust when I discovered that 1 of the freebies offered was the Birth Control Guide--Medicines to Help You. Yup the Fed is pushing artificial birth control. 1 more thing they are using my tax money to promote that runs counter to my Catholic faith.
Amazingly, it does mention abstenance, sort of. or should I say it gives 1 line to that train of thought. "If you do not want to get pregnant, do not have sex." & of course, it doesn't mention Natural Family Planning as a viable alternative either. Thankfully (but surprizingly) it doesn't mention abortion either.
But what it also fails to mention is the fact that the IUD, the Morning Afetr Pill, thePill & other chemical types like the patch also can be abortefaceants. All they say in some form or another with the chemical forms is "They stop the ovaries from releasing an egg or stops sperm from joining with the egg." Nothing about the fact that an egg & sperm can still join to make a new human & these drugs prevent the child from attaching himself to the wall of the uterus. Nor is there any mention of how the IUD works.
& while it does mention some of the side effects it downplays them to a large extent. (For the truth go to The Pill Kills.)
I am surprized that there isn't a publication on abortions & how to choose the right 1 for you. But given the direction that things are going under Obama I suspect it is only a matter of time.
Meanwhile, we have more proof of how ingrained the "culture of death" agenda is in our society & why we must all the more pray & repent for the sins of our Nation as well as to pray for things to change.
* Such as the How to Get a Job in the Federal Government which will be sent to you for a modest fee $3.25. I guess they want you to know that this is valuable information & not your run of the mill propaganda. So they charge you. Or you can read it on the web for free & print it out. So, I guess we know what it is really worth. The sad part is, while the private sector is cutting back, our governement isn't. Another reason our taxes are going up.
On the other hand, the way Queen Nancy looks it is clear she hasn't bothered to read the freebie on Botox™.


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