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Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Millstone That Society Is Celebrating As a Milestone

The Dawn of Demonic Abortion
By Jenn Giroux

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of "The Pill" the Wall Street Journal ran a lengthy and misleading article ("The Birth Control Riddle" April 20, 2009) by Melinda Beck, calling the arrival of The Birth Control Pill the "dawn of dependable contraception" which "ignited the sexual revolution, ended the post-war baby boom and helped millions of women enter the work force." Ms Beck then proceeds to lament all of the "unplanned pregnancies" which still occur today before detailing for us how safe it is now to use new and improved birth control methods.

Marshall McLuhan, the late, great expert on the media, who converted to Catholicism before he died said, "The major media are engaged in a Luciferian conspiracy against the truth." How true! Ms Beck's column is a prime example of this conspiracy, including such blatant lies and misrepresentations as:
"the benefits outweigh the risks" when taking "The Pill"
"...the longer a woman uses the pill, the lower her risk of ovarian and endometrial cancer", and
"...the pill does not seem to increase the risk of getting [breast cancer]".
Beck then goes on to reassure the readers with sources such as the Guttmacher Institute (Planned Parenthood's own research arm) and a quote from Planned Parenthood's VP of Medical Affairs who explains away the damaging side effects by saying, "We have to keep these things in perspective. A woman's risk for problems is substantially higher during pregnancy."

"The Pill" and the widespread use of other contraceptives in reality ushered in the 'Dawn of Demonic Deception' in America. One needs only to review some of the bitter fruits of "The Pill" to appreciate why.
•A Mayo Clinic study said that women who use hormonal contraceptives for a minimum of 4 years prior to their first full term pregnancy have a 52% higher risk of developing breast cancer
•Women who use a hormonal contraceptive for more then 5 yrs are 4 times more likely to develop cervical cancer
•Prior to the sexual revolution and "The Pill" there were known to be 5 sexually transmitted diseases: Today there are more than 30.
•There are over 50 medical studies which indicate that use of oral contraceptives and Depo-Provera place women at higher risk for almost all known risk factors of HIV.
As we look around today, we see how accurately Pope Paul VI predicted what would follow if contraception were adopted on a wide scale: a general lowering of moral standards, an increase in infidelity, ever-greater objectification of women, and the use of contraception as a weapon. Smaller and more broken families, rampant homosexuality, pornography, and China's coercive one-child policy are just some of the sad and obvious reminders of Pope Paul's wisdom in reaffirming the Church's perennial teaching against contraception in Humanae vitae.

Exposing the lies of contraception is, indeed, the great moral challenge of our day. It is not only a battle for life, it is a battle for souls.

When asked recently by a major publication to name her greatest regret, Martha Stewart replied, "Not having a dozen offspring." This neatly summarizes the widespread "post-contraceptive regret" that weighs heavily on the hearts and souls of women who bought into the lies of the abortion industry. Even Catholic families have since the 1960's dropped from 5.5 to 2.1 children today, increasingly rejecting the joys and challenges of larger families for the lesser goods of greater material comfort, "freedom," and professional accomplishment.

The 1920's-era story (ironically, the same time that Margaret Sanger was beginning her efforts to legalize contraception and abortion in America) comes to mind of the small boy who was peering out a window at dusk as a man came along to light the gas street lights.

His mother asked, "What are you looking at?"

As if explaining the obvious, the boy replied, "I am watching a man poke holes in the darkness."

Today as confirmed Catholics this is all that God is asking of us - to stand in bold witness and poke holes in the spiritual darkness that surrounds us. Encountering the demonic deceptions forwarded by Ms. Beck and others who ignore the devastation wrought by contraception, we must answer with the light of truth.

Our daily faithfulness to God's perfect plan for sexuality and marriage through the rosary and sacraments is the only way to reclaim the culture and our nation. Only by using these gifts can we help bring about a countercultural comeback of chastity and the family.

HLI welcomes Mrs. Jenn Giroux as our Spirit and Life guest writer this week. She is a dynamic mom of nine, a registered nurse and former Executive Director of One More Soul. She has been fighting birth control and the contraceptive mentality all her life and is therefore perfectly suited for HLI's mission!

Naturally, Time Magazaine is also extolling the Pill as well (The Pill at 50: Sex, Freedom and Paradox). Naturally that includes praising eugenicist & racist Margaret Sanger for her role. It also pays special attention to the role Planned Parenthood played, spinning it positively, of course.
& naturally, it hilites the huge number of Catholics who disobey Catholic teaching on artificial Birth Control. It also calls those who uphold Catholic teaching as conservative, implying that the liberal stand in support is a valid position as well. Ditto with how it treaches those Protestant groups that are finally waking up to the truth about the Pill. It also ignores the reasons why Pope Paul VI choose to uphold the ban on artificial contraception as well as any of the negative things he propheticly warned about that have come true. It does point out however that "Leaked reports of the commission's findings suggested that nearly all its theologians and a majority of the Cardinals favored changing the church's teaching on the immorality of contraception." & while there were a huge number, including basicly the entire Bishops Conference of Canada who felt that way, there still were plenty of not only Cardinals but Bishops & theologians who upheld authentic Church teaching. Something you would never know from the Time article.
& of course it fails to look at the real damage the pill has done to women. It ignores the fact that the Pill enabled men to treat women even more as a sex object & less as an equal. Nor does it mention any of the health problems caused by the Pill from the very beginning until now.

Like I said, to read the Time story, you would think the Pill is the best thing to com out of the 20th Century & you wouldn't be aware of the true story of what the real damage the Pill has done. That article is another example of the conspiracy Mrs. Giroux talked about. But the Catholic Church has stood firm to proclaim the truth. Pro-life groups like American Life League, Human Life International & Priests for Life are telling the truth. Bloggers are putting up posts like this. The light of truth is getting out there. & as it does, that light will lead people to see & accept the truth, that the Pill is Demonic in origin. & that what it has wrought is not good, but evil pure & simple.


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