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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bishop Brandt Refuses to Aid Dissident Nuns Recruit More Dissidents

Bravo to Bishop Brandt for refusing to abet the efforts of a group of dissident nuns who still remain defiant about their support for the abortion ladden Health Care bill passed recently.
Checking out their website I was not surprized to see the usual peace & justice as well as New Age environmental spiritualiy on their website. naturally, there was nothing at all about the "Right to Life" issues anywhere to be found. (Although they would deny that claiming their activities are pro-life). They say in their mission statement: "we commit ourselves to the pursuit of truth, justice, unity, reconciliation and reverence for creation." Their directional statement includes the following that highlights their radical feminism: "Using the discernment mode and collaborative feminist and womanist model, we recognize that violence and the abuse of power fracture relationships, diminish human dignity, and destroy our earth." (emphasis mine) & this is only part of the evidence that shows their are anything but faithful Catholics.
These women are clearly the very type that Archbishop Burke was talking about in his Mundelein speech when he told them to quit calling themselves Catholic. & Bishop Brandt is right to refuse them diocesan support. & after seeing how they desribe their vocations program I have all the more respect for him for doing so.
Someday these women are going to have to answer to San Giuseppe for how they have betrayed their padrone & turned into habitless hussies.
Even before I checked out their website, I had the following idea of what actually happenned during the prayer moderator Mary Pellegrino, CSJ talked about. After reading the website, I suspect I may have been closer to the truth than merely being tongue in cheek sarcastic.
Here is how I envisioned their prayer & discernement they claim they made. Late 1 night the entire coven, oops cogregation, gathered together, skyclad, in a clearing in the woods behind the convent. After their chant to invoke the goddesses, Mary P throws some entrails on the fire blazing away in the center of their circle. then she begins to pray to those goddesses. "O great goddess Abortia please guide us as we decide how to help Obama push trough this health care package that will ensure many more sacrifices made daily at your altars across the nation. Help us to discern what would be the best way to undermine authentic Catholic teaching. & we call on the goddess Deceptia to aide us as we research ways to present what we are doing as still being faithful Catholics while knowing full well that we are promoting many things that are in total opposition to what the Catholic Church teaches. & we ask the goddess Blasphemia to help us to bring about the day when we can destroy the patriarchy in the Catholic Church that is blocking us from taking control & from doing things in liturgy etc, the way we know you desire of us to do it."
(Note: I have no idea what being moderator means as the website says the "governance structure of the Congregation consists of a Leadership Team of four full-time members of equal authority." So does that mean she is the 1 designated to sign legal papers, act as spokes hussy etc?)
Bishop Brandt Blocks Expansion Efforts of Nuns who Supported Health Bill

By James Tillman
GREENSBURG, PA, April 19, 2010 ( -- The Sisters of St. Joseph in Baden, Pennsylvania opposed the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops by supporting the Health Care Reform Bill. Now Bishop Lawrence E. Brandt of Greensburg has withdrawn his diocese's support for their community by prohibiting the use of any diocesan media or parishes in their recruitment efforts.
"He has the right to disapprove a request from a religious community that wants to host a recruitment event when that community has taken a public stance in opposition to the Church's teaching on human life," said diocesan spokesman Jerry Zufelt.
“Furthermore an environment of dissent and public opposition to the positions of the U.S. Catholic bishops does not provide an appropriate seedbed for vocations."
The Sisters of St. Joseph had signed a letter written by NETWORK, a Catholic "social justice" lobbying group, which urged members of Congress "to cast a life affirming 'yes' vote" to the Senate Health Care Reform Bill. The USCCB as well as countless pro-life organizations had opposed the bill as seriously flawed and as opening the floodgates to federal funding of abortion.
Afterwards, the Sisters of St. Joseph requested promotional support from Greensburg parishes for a vocations awareness program called "Explore," which was meant to show teenage girls what it was like to be a sister. They were refused because of their signing of the letter.
Msgr. Lawrence T. Persico, the Greensburg diocese's vicar general, wrote a letter on April 8 to diocesan priests stating that no diocesan office, the diocesan newspaper, or any parish or event would "would promote a vocation awareness program of any religious community that has taken a stance against the United States bishops by being a signatory of the Network document."
Sister Mary Pellegrino, moderator of the leadership team of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Baden, claimed that "based on our prayerful discernment and careful research" there would be no public funding of abortion caused by the bill.
"It would not violate the doctrinal and moral teachings of the Church," she said. Her community has requested that the diocese reverse its decision.



  • At 20/4/10 9:53 PM , Blogger TH2 said...

    Yes, what you wrote about goddess Abortia and goddess Blasphema IS closer to the truth of what actually happens therein.


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