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Monday, June 22, 2009

Planned Parenthood of DBQ: Pro Choice is Pro-Child & Pro-Family

Yes, you read that right, that is the claim that PP made in a full page ad in Sunday's DBQ TH. & that is only 1 of the many lies & half truths found in that ad.
When I 1st saw the ad I shook my head & had to keep from crying. It broke my heart to think that people out there would buy their lies & half-truths. & applaud PP as a wonderful organization rather than the evil that it really is.
It would take a book or 2 or 3 to go into all the truth behind all misinformation found in the ad. But I want to look at a few of the things in the ad & show what the truth is.
The top of the ad starts out with "Want to end abortion?" in bold letters. The next line says "Support Planned Parenthood." Yes, you read that right as well. PP is presenting itself as the way to end abortion, not as the largest provider of abortion in the USA that it really is. They ad goes on to claim that the the idea that PP "is all about abortion" comes from misinformed hardliners. & that that is wrong. PP is about prevention & planning.
Before I go on I have to ask 1 question, what do they mean by hardliners? I can safely assume that they mean Pro-lifers & that all Pro-lifers are misinformed. I know of no Pro-lifer that would say that PP is only about abortion, just that abortion is at the heart of what they do.
Now to the claim by PP that it wants to end abortion. I want to start with a quote from the former President of PP, Faye Wattleton. In 1987 she surrendered $20 million in federal funds. The funds were from an agency that, under the Mexico City Policy could not give grants to groups that encourage abortion. She said that PP would give up the money "rather than stop encouraging abortion". & things haven't changed since. On their website PP makes it clear that they are advocates for abortion. & that they are working at "expanding the number of abortion providers".
Throughout the ad they use the term "choice". What they fail to mention is what they mean by choice. & that can be found by the term they use for those opposed to abortion "anti-choice". That is what they actually are defending when they use the term choice, the right to chose abortion as an option. They are not about ending abortion. They are about upholding & encouraging it. Abortion is a huge part of how they want to protect people from "unintended pregnancies" as well as preventing them.
The subtle implication is that by the educational means as well as birth control that the provide they will put an end to all unintended pregnancies. But anyone who knows the truth, knows that no matter what form of birth control is used, none of them is 100% effective & there still will be unintended pregnancies. (Note: I use birth control as opposed to contraception since some methods like the pill don't merely prevent conception, they also prevent the implantation of the embryo.)
So, the reality is, they aren't trying to end abortion. They want to keep it legal & keep it a huge part of what they do.
Another line "Its about having children by choice, not by chance." & the following line where they say PP "strives for the day when every child will be wanted, loved and cared for." makes it sound like that all unplanned pregnancies are unwelcome. the reality is that even among married couples not all pregnancies were initially planned. Some came about by chance. & yet, I guarentee you that almost all those parents will say once they found out the child was welcomed, loved & cared for.
Saying they want every child to be wanted sounds nice on the surface. But when you look at what that really means you uncover a utilitarian philosophy that denies the child any inate value.
It also raises the question, wanted by who? I know of plenty of fathers who wanted their child but were denied it because the mother aborted the child , willingly or under family pressure. & there are plenty of people who want to adopt a child, healthy or with medical problems. These children are wanted.
& if the only value a human being has is if he or she is wanted, what about babies abandoned after they are born? Should the mother have the right to kill the baby since she doesn't want it. Or what about a homeless person who doesn't have any friends or family? They are unwanted. why not kill them? Do you see where this philosophy leads? Who decides who is or isn't wanted if a human being has no inate God given value?
I won't go into details here about how accurate the information they give out really is. That would take way too long. I will have some resources at the end of this post that will enable you to check on how accurate they really are. But, I will ask 1 question, if they are in favor of accuracy why do the oppose laws that require a sonogram before an abortion as well as any laws that require the same amount of info as any other surgery be given to a woman considering abortion. How is saying women don't need that info allowing those women to make "smart choices"? & PP totally opposes any education about abstinance before marriage as well, not exactly providing all the info needed. But then to them abstinance is not a choice. They see teens & adults as animals who will always give into their base urges. Again, not exactly a high opinion of human beings, individually or as a whole.
I've already shown what PP means when they say they are pro-child. they are pro-what they define as a wanted child only. Now on to their pro-family claim. Let's exam the facts. PP is totally opposed to any laws that require parental notification let alone parental concent. they want the right to dispense any form of birth control & to allow an underaged girl an abortion without any involvement of the parents. Everything they do works to undermine the authority of the parents & actually they work to destroy the family. Come on, saying that the same girl who has to get a parental OK to get her ears pierced should be able to have an abortion is supporting the family? They want her to be able to get the pill at a PP clinic but a school nurse can't give her an aspirin without parental consent.
But PP actually undermining parental authority is only part of a lrager mindset of covering up anything that would reflect negatively on their abortion business. Remember the investigations over the last few years by Lila Rose that showed them covering up rape & incest. & as I did in a previous post, read Lime 5 for more on how they cover up the truth about how unsafe abortion really is.
1 other thing about the format of the ad. In the center they show a group of people. The group is all teens & young adults. That picture captures their target audience. They aren't about families, they are about telling teens that there is no such thing as morally right & that whatever they do sexually is OK. They want to encourage immoral behavior because they know it brings in money. 1st of all when they come in for the birth control, etc, & then when they return for an abortion.
PP tries to present themselves as bearers of light & truth when in fact they are bringing darkness, death & destruction. It shouldn't be too surpizing that PP would use lies & half truths. PP is a part of the "culture of death". & that culture is Satanic/demonic in origin. Scripture tells us that Satan is the "father of lies" & that the fallen angels can appear as "angels of light". That is exactly what PP is doing. They are following in their father's footsteps.
This is just more proof that we can't let up in our fight against the "culture of death" & its agents like PP. I've said it before & I am about to say it again we need to start & end with prayer. We need to pray for the truth to come out. We need to pray for people's hearts to be changed so that they will reject abortion, PP & the rest.
Catholics have been given a power weapon in the Rosary. Pray it regularly for pro-life intentions. That could be for the close of an abortion clinic. That could be for someone contemplating an abortion that she will go to a pregnancy center like Birthright instead. The Divine Mercy Chaplet is another powerful weapon. Asking the intercession of the saints, esp Mary & Joseph, but also others like St Gerard Majella, Blessed Margaret of Castello, John Bosco, Bishop Sheen & Mother Teresa as well, is another part of that spiritual warfare.
We also need to support Pro-life organizations, national as well as state & local. We need to support them financially as well as participating in their activities whenever possible. Local Pro-life groups need volunteers as do most pregnancy centers. They also often need other materials as well. Find your local group or center & help them out.
Again, all this must begin & end with prayer. In the end this is a spiritual battle & will be won by spiritual weapons. & all our other efforts will be for naught if we don't.
There are plenty of resources out there to help you in battling groups like PP. Your local Pro-life group is 1. Then usually have plenty of literature available. Some of it is pamphlets, some of it is in book form. They make thes things available for free or at a reasonable cost.
If there is not a local group then there are plenty of resources available through the internet. many of these organizations are the sources of the materials used by local organizations. Some of them are Priests For Life, Human Life International, American Life League & their project organization STOp Planned Parenthood. Life Issues Institute, Inc. has plenty of on line materials as well as print materials like the book Abortion Questions & Answers: Love Them Both by Dr & Mrs. Wilke. That book was the source for some info i used in this post. Another site I mentioned in relation to my review of the book Lime 5, Life Dynamics, also provides plenty of resources.
Another book I used for some info is, unfortunately, out of print. Inside Planned Parenthood by Douglas Scott was printed in 1991. A lot of the statistics are out of date, & a lot of the people mentioned are no longer in leadership roles. However it shows the methods & tactics in use back then by PP that are still in use today. The TH ad is a prime example of those very tactics. In addition, PP has expanded to the internet. But if you can get a copy it will help you to understand how they operate.
These groups are the sources of what PP calls misinformation. The reality is that PP is the one who trades in misinformation. It is these groups that provide the truth. PP knows that. PP also knows that by presenting things the way they do that the average person will not bother to find out the real facts.
Don't just take my word for it. Check out the sites I recommended. Contact your local Pro-Life group for more info. Support them. Get educated & speak out. Silence is not an option.

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