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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pray As If a Life Depending On It - 1.2 Million a Year Do

The US Conference of Catholic Bishops is calling on all Americans to set aside some time each day from 19 January to 27 January 2013 to pray specifically for an end to abortion. In other words to make a novena to end abortion.
In a news release about the event Tom Grenchik, executive director of the Secretariat of Pro-Life Activities of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) said "The bishops recognize that prayer is the foundation of all our efforts on behalf of human life." He added  "These nine days of focused prayer and sacrifice are a great opportunity for people across the nation to unite their voices in prayer to God. Through this prayer campaign, I hope that many will be blessed with a new spirit of faith and encouragement in their pro-life efforts."
This novena is a part of the bishops' recent Call to Prayer for Life, Marriage and Religious Freedom.
Among the things being provided is a series of intercessions, reflections & acts of reparation for each day of the Novena. There is also a daily Did you know? included with information of some aspect of the effects of abortion & the damage it is doing. They are available at the website or you can go to the website below to sign up to receive them each day via e-mail or text message.
Additionally, they are asking that the 9 Days end with a Closing Eucharistic Holy Hour . They are also calling on parishes to have additional Holy Hours throughout the Novena.
For those going to the March for Life in DC, the Walk for Life in San Francisco or who are traveling any length for another Pro-life event there are Blessings of pro-life pilgrims (en español) for when they leave as well as return.
The USCCB is tying these events in to the events that they will be sponsoring at the March for Life. In addition several years ago 22nd of January has was declared by the USCCB to be a Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children. It is to be a special day of prayer for the restoration of the legal guarentee of the right to life & of penance for violations to the dignity of human life through acts of abortion. Priests are required to say 1 of 2 special Masses for this day. The Mass "For Giving Thanks to God for the Gift of Human Life" is a special liturgy that the USCCB created & had approved by Rome. It is a apart of the newly translated Sacramentary. If this Mass is said the vestments are white.  The other Mass is "For the Preservation of Peace & Justice". Violet vestments must be worn as this is considered a penitential Mass. This day is meant to focus on the sin of abortion in the USA only.
In addition there may be other local events. Staring last Monday there have been 9 Masses scheduled this week & next specifically for the end of abortion. Except for  those days with a proper feast or the Sunday Mass, the priest may use 1 of the above mentioned Masses as well. Additionally, we will be having our annual Walk for Life this Saturday.  Check with your local pro-life group to find out what is going on in your area.
I have said again & again that our efforts must start, end & be undergirded with prayer. This Novena is an excellent opportunity to do just that. Not as a replacement but in addition to all the prayers I hope you are already saying. Additionally, we must use this time as a special opportunity to do penance & make reparation to God for the sins of our Nation against the unborn.
I have to admit that I am a little puzzled about why this has just come out a few days ago. It is almost as if they wanted to ensure most priests &/or Bishops would have a good excuse for not doing anything because they didn't have time/know. I honestly hope I am wrong.
On the other hand, many blogs as well as LifeNews & LifeSiteNews are promoting it. So the word is getting out.
Next week marks the 40th anniversaries of Roe v Wade & Doe v Bolton that gave carte blanche to the murder of 55 million unborn human beings. It lead to an industry that is an absolute disgrazia that it even exists. Planned Parenthood's latest annual report shows how profitable it is.
40 years is 40 years too long/many for abortion to be legal. It cannot stand. If it does, then 1 day we may find that the United States of America is no longer standing. We will reap what we sow for allowing this "culture of death" to kill the unborn & now those who are deemed too old, unhealthy, or just considered to not be worth it by the powers that be.
It is easy to say that my little bit doesn't matter. YES, it does. At the least you will have to answer to God for why you didn't even pray, let alone do anything. Besides, how do you know what effect your prayer will or won't have? It isn't up to us to decide. It is up to us to respond to God's call to pray & act. These unborn are the least of the least of Jesus' brothers & sisters. God won't judge us on what others did or didn't do, just what we did.
That is why we have to pray as if a life depends on it, 1.2 million a year do!


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