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Monday, June 04, 2012

Planned Parenthood, Following In Margaret Sanger's Anti-Catholic Footsteps

One of the little mentioned reasons why Planned Parenthood, through it's wholy owned subsidiary, the Obama Administration, is so gung ho in attacking religious freedom, especially that of the Catholic Church, lies in what its founder, Margaret Sanger, felt about Catholicism.
She once said the following about Jesus: "I never liked to look at Jesus on the Cross. I could not see any good it did to keep looking at him. We could not help him, as he had been crucified long ago." So we have her rejecting Jesus & His salvific death on the Cross.

As for the Catholic Church's teaching on contraception, she said that all the Church was doing was to "...enforce SUBJUGATION by TURNING WOMAN INTO A MERE INCUBATOR."
As for Catholic efforts in her time to keep contraception banned, her comments on the Catholic Church's actions, or should I say Catholic bashing  of  the Catholic Church?, sound a lot like the Catholic bashing today because the Church opposes the HHS mandate. 
Sanger wrote a letter to her "Friends, Co-workers, and Endorsers" that portrayed the opposing testimony as the work of Catholics determined ... not to present facts to the committee but to intimidate them by showing a Catholic block of voters who (though in the minority in the United States) want to dictate to the majority of non-Catholics as directed from the Vatican in social and moral legislation ... American men and women, are we going to allow this insulting arrogance to bluff the American people?" The old, trying to force your morality on others chestnut has sure been arround for a long time, hasn't it? The accusation that the Catholic Church is trying to keep women from getting contraception by opposing the HHS mandate is simply a new twist on this.
Her Birth Control Review printed an article that noted: "Today by the Roman Catholic clergy and their allies . . . Public opinion in America, I fear, is too willing to condone in the officials of the Roman Catholic Church what it condemns in the Ku Klux Klan." & this is just one example of her use of character assassination, personal vilification & old-fashioned bigotry to attack the Catholic Church.
A favorite of Sanger, Norman E. Himes, often contributed articles to Sanger's journal. Himes claimed there were genetic differences between Catholics and non-Catholics. "Are Catholic stocks . . . genetically inferior to such non-Catholic libertarian stocks and Unitarians and Universal . . . Freethinkers? Inferior to non-Catholics in general? . . . my guess is that the answer will someday be made in the affirmative. . . and if the supposed differentials in net productivity are also genuine, the situation is anti-social, perhaps gravely so."
As The Rev. John A. Ryan pointed out, Sanger's attack on Catholics appeared to be an attempt to divert attention from the class politics of Planned Parenthood: "... their main objective is to increase the practice of birth-prevention among the poor . . . It is said that the present birth-prevention movement is to some extent financed by wealthy, albeit philanthropic persons. As far as I am aware , none of these is conspicuous in the movement for economic justice. None of them is crying out for a scale of wages which would enable workers to take care of a normal number of children." Again, isn't just what is going on today? Planned Parenthood is claiming it cares about the poor & minorities, while doing nothing but trying to eliminate them like Sanger wanted.
Margaret Sanger also spoke about forced sterilization of those she saw as unfit to get rid of them. Among those groups she included practicing Catholics.
So it should be no surprize that we are seeing the current attack on the Catholic Church through the Obama Administration. They are only doing what she founded them to do. & why we need to stand firm in our faith, with prayer & action, against this latest assault.

See also: Planned Parenthood Takes on North Dakota Religious Liberty Measure for another effort of Planned Parenthood to attack those of faith.

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