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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

2011 March for Life & West Coast March

With little or no coverage by the Main Stream Media, including FoxNews, the 2 main Pro-life events took place over the past few days. Thank God for EWTN as they provided full coverage of both events. At 1 point Teresa Tomeo interviewed a student from Dyersville. So EWTN even outshined the DBQ TH in their coverage of the event. They buried the story on 6C of today's paper. But they did mention it on the front page under today's TH. The AP picture with it shows the clear bias of the AP It shows a person holding a NOW "Keep Abortion Legal" Sign in front of the pro-lifers. The sign takes up over half of the picture. & the caption says "Anti-abortion and abortion activists stand side by side in front of the U.S. Supreme Court." I am willing to bet that, like always, there were very few pro-aborts there & the picture was taken at the angle it was to cover that up. On the other hand, I am sure they were not happy about the Pro-life signs they had to include as the 3 that are clearly readable all say "FACE IT . . . ABORTION KILLS A PERSON". The ALL signs also have the face of a baby on them.
The Walk for Life West Coast took place in San Francisco on Saturday. The people in charge estimated 40,000 people. On of the local stations, KTVU, put the crowd at an estimated 50,000. The police confirmed tothat it was the largest Walk for Life yet.
The DC March for Life took place on Monday with an estimated 250,000 participants. Like the West Coast event, this is 1 of the largest crowds ever. As always, the DC March was opened & MCed by March for Life organizer Nellie Gray who, at 85, is not slowing down 1 bit in her fight for the unborn.
As for the media coverage, like I said, it was very much lacking. I have searched the websites of the cable & network news organizations. My results are as follows:
ABC News had nothing anywhere that I could find.
CBS News had nothing on the main page. Oprah's newfound sister, yes, the March no. I had to go to the US news page to find this in the list: Abortion Opponents Rally, Target Roe V. Wade. (This is the article the TH buried on 6C) & while it doesn't mention the size of the turnout it does include comments form NARAL head honcho Nancy Keenan. She crtitcized the pro-life politicians for being there (Bet she didn't say the same about Obama's pro-abort statement Monday being wrong.) She called them out of touch & repeated the claim that last year's election was not about abortion, just the economy, despite evidence to the contrary. CBS backed up her claim with a poll CBS took last year. But CBS ignored a 2010 Gallup Poll & recent Fox News Poll that say the USA is now Pro-life (here). & the article clearly shows the pro-abort bias of the AP just like the picture I talked about above did. Terms like "abortion opponants, abortion foes, attacking choice" were used. & the article over all talked very little about the actual rally or the wide variety of groups that were a part of it. Mostly it was about what was going on in Congress & NARAL's comments.
NBC News & MSNBC had nothing either. But it did have link to a story about Planned Parenthood that attacked Live Action as a part of it.
CNN, NADA, NOTHING, ZERO, ZIP But then this should be no surprize given Ted Turner's big pro-abort push lately.
Fox News had nothing about the March, just an article about the abortion debate & an opinion piece about Roe v Wade & Gosnell.
C-SPAN did have some coverage. Since the House was in session it didn't cover it live however it did run it later. & it does have a video of the Rally on its website.
Fox is the 1 that puzzles me. I would have expected them to have had a story. Esp with the fact that their poll showed Pro-life is the direction this country is heading. & the growing numbers at both marches is proof of it.
Beyond that, the rest was as expected. The main stream media is in bed with the abortion industry so it isn't going to do any real coverage that would show the pro-aborts are losing the battle.
As I said at the start, Thank God for EWTN & their willingness to do what the others fail to do in covering these events.

Added 25 January 2011 @ 7:58 pm Here is the picture from the TH I talked about:

Picture source: Groups mark 38th anniversary of Roe v. Wade (As I said, the same story as CBS had a link to.)


  • At 25/1/11 9:53 AM , Blogger Matt K Cassens said...

    I was there. Took lots of pics, too.

  • At 26/1/11 8:37 PM , Blogger Patrick Button said...

    You are right to assume that there were few counter-protesters. I didn't see a single one and a friend who had seen them said there were about 10.


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