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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Planned Parenthood Is 1 Sick Bunch of Twisted Perverted Weirdos

Cases In Point are the following 3 stories:
Caution some of the following is definitely for adults only. & then only if you have a strong stomach!!!!!

1st we have this story from New York. Remember, these are the same people who claim that it is Crisis Pregnancy Centers that are misleading women. Yet PP's very name is intentionally misleading since they do all they can to kill unborn children. & this story is a case in point of what they are really all about, not helping a woman, just making money by performing another abortion, even if they have to lie to do it.

Planned Parenthood offers abortion in lieu of car seat
In the ongoing battle by the New York City Council to target crisis pregnancy centers with legislation that would force them to state in all their advertising that they do not offer abortions, a truly frightening story came out.Over on The Corner today, we learn that staff at a NYC Planned Parenthood last week allegedly offered a "financially strapped" pregnant woman an abortion when she came in looking for a car seat. You did not read that wrong. Which group needs truth in advertising?From Greg Pfundstein at The Corner:
But the most damning testimony against the law was given by a young lady who was confused by the name “Planned Parenthood,” which led her to have a very strange experience just last week. The address 44 Court Street in Brooklyn is home to EMC, Planned Parenthood, and Dr. Emily’s Abortion Clinic. Twenty-eight weeks pregnant and happily so, but a little “financially strapped,” the young lady went to 44 Court Street looking for an organization that had assisted a friend of hers a few years earlier. She couldn’t remember the name of the organization, just the address. What she wanted was a car seat, since you’re not allowed to leave the hospital without one. Looking at the directory in the lobby, she saw Planned Parenthood and assumed that it must be the organization she was looking for. But when she went inside and explained her situation, she was told that they could not help her get a car seat, but that since she was financially strapped, she could sign documents indicating that she was under psychological stress and get a medical waiver for a late-term abortion. (Abortion is legal only up to the 24th week of pregnancy, even in New York, except to preserve the life or health of the mother).
This young lady was shocked and distressed by Planned Parenthood’s outside-the-box solution to her need for a car seat. She did not want an abortion; she wanted her baby — and a hospital-required car seat. She eventually found her way to EMC and received the help she actually needed and wanted.
Read the full story HERE.

Next stop Arizona. This time via STOp Planned Parenthood's Wednesday STOPP Report for 17 Nov 2010. 1st of all, by the time these children reach the age they obviously are at, they should NOT be taking a bath together. But it gets even worse. When I clicked on the "surprize me" button, 1 of the pictures that showed up turned my stomach in pure disgust at what I saw. The girl had a look on her face like she was being sexually pleasured. & even worse, it looks like her brother was doing it & having a grand old time himself. They may deny it, but the whole thing looks to me like it is, among other things, promoting incestuous behavior.
But given PP's track record for covering up incest, this isn't surprizing.
Yes, it is important for parents to educate their children on the proper names for various parts of the anatomy, but not by using a book like this. This is not aimed at making things easier for parents & building up communication between child & parent. It is aimed at teaching kids being perverted is OK. But given who put it out, SIECUS, & their connection to that pervert Kinsey, the contents of this book are not surprizing. Disgusting, yes, surprizing, NO!. Like I said, this book is not about educating children, it is about corrupting them so that PP will have future customers.
In the intro they talk about making it possible to communicate if a child has a pain somewhere. Well, from my experience, if a child is hurting, not knowing the proper name won't stop that child from communicating. & what they are calling shame is what is simple modesty more often than not. & there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.
Another joke is that they say this is to make parents the primary source of info. WRONG!!!! This is to prime the kids to rely on PP for the misinformation they put out.
(I intentionally left the STOPP plug in because they truly deserve our support in this battle against PP.)

A visit to the website of Planned Parenthood of Arizona reveals a shop of horrors of unimaginable proportions, with graphic books and videos targeting children as young as babies.
Intent on stealing the innocence of even the youngest children, the Planned Parenthood affiliate is pushing Bellybuttons are Navels, written by Mark Schoen, under the heading "Selected Books for Parents and Their Children." This title is available in book and video format.
The reading level for the book is noted on as "baby to preschool." The opening words set the scene for the shocking scenario that follows: "This is a story about a girl named Mary and her brother Robert. One day while they were taking a bath ..."
Viewing the Amazon "Search Inside this Book" feature and clicking "Surprise Me" one finds a drawing of male and female toddlers in the bathtub together manipulating their mammaries, and another drawing of the two nude children with eyes cast downward and the words: "I have a vulva; only girls have vulvas."
The book and video also seek to make tiny children proficient in identifying such body parts as the clitoris and testicles.
Bellybuttons are Navels boasts a preface by Mary Calderone, the former Planned Parenthood Medical Director who was the co-founder and first executive director of the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS). SIECUS was founded by the Kinsey Institute as its educational arm. Critics of the Kinsey Institute accuse its founder of pedophilia based on Kinsey's documented research involving sex between adults and children.
The author of Belllybuttons are Navels has produced projects for SIECUS, The Unitarian Church, and Planned Parenthood.
Last week we reported on Planned Parenthood cronies pushing sex education to preschoolers. STOPP's finding of this book and video on the Planned Parenthood of Arizona website confirms Planned Parenthood's partnership in the UNESCO/SIECUS agenda of sexualizing the youngest children.
It is untenable that our tax dollars pay for Planned Parenthood to promote such atrocities for babies, toddlers and preschoolers.
Planned Parenthood and SIECUS are very aggressively -- and unfortunately successfully -- pushing to incorporate their evil agenda across the curriculum in elementary and middle schools, in places such as Helena, Montana.
It is more important than ever that we act today to defund Planned Parenthood, and to get Planned Parenthood out of our communities and schools. Our new STOPP website is devoted to all three pursuits. Please take action today, for the sake of our children.

Finally, & this is the 1 that really breaks this Iowa Boy's heart, we have this story from the Des Moines Register about what the gang at Planned Parenthood Heartland are up to. Yes that same gang who brought you illegal telemed abortions are at it again. This time by doing all the can to corrupt the youth of Iowa. These are not the Iowa values I was raised on. In fact, this is not the DMR that I grew up with & was the "Newspaper that Iowa Depend's On." But then Gannett owns them these days & is pushing their corrupt anti-family, pro-abort agenda. & a story like this, treating this fundraiser as something normal & acceptable is a part of that "culture of death" agenda.
This story is about trying to say what we do is just as innocent as a neighborhood Bingo game at your local parish, or other group that uses Bingo as a fundraiser. Well, they are NOT. They do not represent anything good or wholesome. Nor do they represent true Iowa values. Maybe those of our soon to be ex-governor & his pals at PP, but they do not represent those of real Iowans.
Clearly, I am not against drag as entertainment either. But when I talk about it, I am refering to the type like Milton Berle did, or the British Pantomime & Monty Python type. & in days of yore before women were allowed on stage, their female roles were played by men. None of that was meant to be anything but entertainment.
But that isn't what this "fundraiser" is about. This is a whole different thing aimed at promoting an "alternate lifestyle" that is clearly immoral. This is meant to say homosexual behavior is OK. This is meant to say a sinful lifestyle is acceptable. This is meant to mock God & promote evil. This is meant to help Planned Parenthood promote it's agenda that will spread the "culture of death" & destroy everything good & decent that Iowa ever stood for.
Note: the DMR article included a picture of 1 of the drag queens. While it wasn't anything too bad, I opted not to include it. But, I must CAUTION you that a couple of the names of the drag queens are, at best, salicious. At worst pornographic.

Drag queens go Bingolicious
"N-22 bitches!"
Hosted by drag queens in an East Village nightclub, Bingolicious is a naughty take on the innocent game of bingo, with a good cause to back it up.
Thursday's party at The Garden is the biggest fundraiser of the year for Planned Parenthood's Young Leaders (a branch of Planned Parenthood of the Heartland made up of young professionals), and has raised thousands of dollars in the last two years. The third annual event features more queens, bigger prizes, games and the lovely Jell-O shot boys (chiseled guys serving up the fruity party favorite while wearing short aprons).
"It's a really fun and unique event, both to organize and to go to," Sara Stibitz, social chair for PPYL and planning committee member for the event, said.
Five drag queens - Iris, Stinketta, Prunella DeVille, Feenamint Phatpussy and Seven Love - will call numbers and perform at the party, which will have a little different format from last year. A performance by Iris opens the show, and games will be interspersed with short drag performances. There will also be a few "Minute to Win It"-style games, and a full drag show closes the party.
Drag queens calling bingo isn't a new concept. Michelle Lange, a founder of PPYL in Des Moines, saw that a PPYL group in Los Angeles was hosting drag queen bingo, and wanted to duplicate it here.
"I wasn't sure how it would go over, since we are in Iowa versus Los Angeles," Lange said. "But it worked out really well."
The first Bingolicious event drew 82 people and raised $2,980. Last year's party drew 126 people and raised $3,480.
"All the money the drag queens raise they donate back to us, plus all the money from the Jell-O shots," Stibitz said. The registration fee (a suggested donation of $25 in advance), the sale of bingo cards and proceeds from the photo booth (where people can get their photos taken with the queens) also contribute.
Winning the game provides more than just the satisfaction of yelling "Bingo!" This year's prizes include two $100 spa gift certificates for the Aveda Institute, a gift basket from the Gallery (worth about $100), a private party for 20 people from Kees Camp Pole Fitness (Jen Kees will also be performing at the event) and more.

So, the next time you hear Planned Parenthood claim that they are about women's health, actual choice & supporting family values remember what you read here that gives you a look behind the scenes.
Planned Parenthood & their ilk are antithetical to everything that the Iowa values I was raised on stand for. The reason they are so bold these days is because they think with Obama in the White House they can get away with it. Well, as they have started to find out, there are still plenty of us out there who are NOT going to take it. & we are fighting mad. & we are pulling out all the weapons in our arsenal, especially the spiritual ones, to win this war & restore to this land a "Culture of Life".

St. Joseph, chaste spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary, we ask your powerful intercession as we stand up for puirty & decency. Protect these children being targetted by Planned Parenthood from harm as you protected Jesus from harm.
Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of Heaven & Earth watch over our efforts & just as you did at Guadelupe, help us to put an end to this slaughter of innocents.
St. Michael the Archangel, help us in our battle against this demonic evil that is at the root of Planned Parenthood's agenda to build a 'culture of death" & destruction.
We call on St. Gabriel, St. Raphael & all you in the Angelic Choirs; Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones, Dominations, Virtues, Powers, Principalities, Archangels, & Angels to join in the battle with St. Michael.
St. Giovanni Bosco, you who had a deep love for children, help us to protect these children from having their innocence destroyed by Planned Parenthood's corrupting influence.
St. Gerard Majella, watch over the expectant mothers who are being lured into Planned Parenthood's snares with false promises, Guide them to Crisis Pregnancy Centers instead where they can give their children life.
St. Gianna Beretta Molla, bless the efforts of those who provide the ultrasounds & authentic mediacl information. Let their efforts bear fruit in saving the lives of the unborn children as well as protecting the mothers from the emotional, physical & especially physical harm that abortions would cause.
We ask the intercession of all our name saints & guardian angels as well for God to guide & bless our efforts.
Holy Spirit, it is You who guide our efforts. Give us the wisdom we need to battle the evil that is the "culture of death".
Jesus we ask this in Your Name, for the honor & glory of God our Father. AMEN!



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