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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Go North Young Pro-Lifers*

Lila Rose Seeking to Bring Abortion Sting Operations to Canada
By Patrick B. Craine
OTTAWA, Ontario, May 17, 2010 ( – Lila Rose, the president of Live Action, the student-led pro-life group that has rocked the U.S. abortion industry in recent years following the release of undercover footage showing abortion clinic employees across the country covering up statutory rape and giving pregnant girls false medical information, says she is eager to bring her group's work to Canada.
Live Action is looking for "very reliable, mature young adults and students in Canada to do your own investigations of the abortion industry here, to do your own exposés," she told LifeSiteNews (LSN) in an interview Friday.
LSN sat down with Rose in Ottawa, where she delivered the keynote addresses at the Campaign Life Coalition (CLC) Rose Dinner and the youth conference as part of the events surrounding Thursday's National March for Life.
This was Rose's first trip to Canada, and she made a point of stressing her admiration for the country's pro-life movement. "There's a special dedication and a special idealism which is so necessary and a beautiful thing," she said, referring especially to the youth.
"I'm just very excited to team with Canada and to see this active work here. You might seem like a small group, but you're a powerful group and I believe you're going to have great success. So thanks for setting the example for us."
She also noted that Canada's tendency to push the envelope in liberalizing laws on moral issues is "all the more reason that your fire, your passion is stronger, your commitment is bolder."
Rose said that her group wants to bring their youth education programs to Canada, particularly their magazine The Advocate, which is dedicated to promoting the culture of life among high school and college-age students. She said they want to develop a Canadian version of the magazine and they are looking for Canadian students to get involved in that project.
At both the adult Rose Dinner and the youth conference, Rose held her audience in rapt attention as she described her experiences going undercover into Planned Parenthood facilities.
Rose will be graduating with her undergraduate degree from UCLA this June, and she said that her organization is preparing to enter a new phase with improved outreach. Thus far Live Action hasn’t had office space and has been supported primarily by a large team of volunteers; but she said following her graduation the organization plans to "further professionalize and expand." They want "to do more investigative work, to create new media projects and programs to educate people, to inspire people."
"We want the whole world to see what is happening to these little babies," she told the youth. "We are the ones – the cause rests on our shoulders. We're going to be the ones to see it through to victory, to see it through to people recognizing the dignity of the human person and putting an end to abortion. It's up to us and we're going to do it."
To get involved with Live Action, contact them at or
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* With absolutely no apologies to Horace Greeley.


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