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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Stockton Planned Parenthood: "It's just a grain of rice."


Don't Abort Your Rice Baby
Ashley Colantuono

We went to the Stockton Planned Parenthood to sidewalk counsel and hand out information. We decided to send a Truth Team in to talk to the women already in the waiting room.
Bud and I walked into the clinic and were surprised at all the women waiting for their abortions. Bud and I quickly started our conversation. I was pretending I was pregnant and wanted to keep my baby and Bud was trying to talk me into getting an abortion.
After a couple minutes the other women took notice to our conversation. Before long a clinic worker came from behind the desk and questioned what we were doing. I told her that I didn't know what to do about my pregnancy. Bud told her that there wasn't a decision. I was there to have an abortion.
I told her that the people outside had told me that my baby had a heartbeat. Bud asked her if it was a baby. "It's just a grain of rice," she said.
When I wasn't looking, the clinic worker looked at Bud with approval as if to egg him on to keep encouraging me to abort. But when she looked at me she tried to sound empathetic and sensitive.
I asked the staffer about adoption and when I did Bud pretended to get mad and walked out of the clinic.
She then sat down and started to talk to me about my "choice". After a couple minutes of her trying to persuade me to think about my decision even more, I asked if I could have a couple more minutes to think it over before I left the clinic.
While Bud was outside he met a couple with a situation resembling ours. Only theirs was real. The woman was upset about going in to schedule an abortion while her boyfriend was encouraging her to do it.
Bud quickly moved in and talked to the man while his girlfriend was on the phone. He gave him a "Before You Choose" pamphlet and told him he was in a similar situation. He encouraged him to leave with his girlfriend.
Bud joined me once again in the waiting room of the Planned Parenthood. By this time the couple was in line again. I had already given pamphlets to the women sitting around me. Bud and I decided our next move was to get that couple to leave with us. We made sure they saw us leave.
And a couple minutes later they walked out as well. The man came up and hugged Bud while I talked to the girl. I asked her if she needed help. I told her that our team was outside to help them with whatever they needed. Bud encouraged this guy to be a man and provide for his girlfriend and child.
After getting in the van we learned that Tara had talked to a woman walking into the clinic as well and that she had decided not to abort. We are so thankful that God used us in a powerful way today to save those two children and the couple from abortion.
We pray that God will continue to protect their children and that he will bless those people we talked to/gave information to. As happy as I am to know that I was a part of saving a child's life, I also know that we have to keep fighting. While I wasn't able to save every child in the clinic today, I know that if I continue to fight that we can make abortion illegal and unthinkable.



  • At 28/10/08 6:08 AM , Blogger Christina Dunigan said...

    It was the San Diego Planned Parenthood who told my babysitter her 8-week baby was "a blood clot", and Faye Wattleton once said in a speech that abortion targets "a little cloud".

    I wish they'd make up their minds. Which is it? A blood clot? A little cloud? (I call this the "meteorological theory of embryology.) A grain of rice? (The agricultural theory of embryology)


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